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[achieve a hair formerly] for road hold up with cure small coquettish young married woman is up武汉夜生活论坛027sndated continuously

[achieve a hair formerly] for road hold up with cure small coquettish young married woman is updated continuously Edition advocate leave a messageXLov3(2019/5/11 21:59) : Those who write is very pretty good, the caption with revise a bit better is added incidentally [achieve a hair formerly] hind PM my grading Thank Sis above all, be indebted to forum help, although our husband and wife does not have attestation, but the husband and wife that still knew a pair of same interests in Sis, below successful line, thank acknowledgment. Oneself and wife work in the hospital together (different hospital) , these two days of my hospitals all sorts of accident, be troubled by contradiction of doctors and patients every day. Came this morning a child mom, look after children see a doctor, but without registration, let me help. Original doctor does not divide sexual distinction, nevertheless Jing of this young married woman is day person, the figure is correct, sound is Orphean, help then filled date lets a director look to her. Next the connection way that she played a director actively to contact means and me (general director does not pick up the telephone) , I feel very strange at that time, I am sitting she is standing, she does not sit down and I talk, standing intentionally to lower his head to ask I contact means, to be warm, she the sort of low bosom is short sleeve shows two bosoms to me to look directly, do not have bust bodice, because of the child 6 months, still be in lactation, quite big still, basically be the skin very white. Next small letters and she chatted midday, family this city person, husband week is away on official business to Zhou Wu, day comes home Saturday, there are two武汉桑拿夜网TY hemangiomas on child buttock and arm. Chat foolishly next, she 32 years old (oneself 34 wife 32) , become in the enterprise manpower manager, because go in the morning,helped, she also wants to there is a friend in the hospital, eat a meal together please midday, after this wolf gives wife ask for instructions on invitation. (this wolf is divided outside playing one of the pieces in Chinese chess, it is wife canal fathers)Have a meal very close from the hospital, the other side still is that body dress that wear, when having a meal, surround to my settle on innocently of purpose, because wife hooks up,I also am 3 evening shift, did not release for ages, chatted to nod the problem of a few privacy that about her husband still has her a little, because of the doctor’s cause, intended problem mammary gland and department of gynaecology have a problem, exaggerate next the other and malign disease that focus of a disease causes. Chatted 20 minutes probably, she asks me mammary gland and department of gynaecology to this must let doctor examination, I say I am met, just not professional, but registration of mammary gland gynecologist is not hanged commonly, she considered, say to let me be felt, have the fibroma with benign perhaps bump (this wolf is not this two divisions) , next I with respect to begin, feeling the bosom of 6 months returns lactation is too soft, those who compare my wife is a few bigger, begin to used professional gimmick to be teased directly later, see her face red tape breathe loud and jarring, know life of husband and wife is not much recently, probably namely 5-6 minute, my get better closes, say left bosom has probably 1 to 2CM small, dare not say outside now, if she is available, can give in the division look, or I think method lets teacher of relevant section office give look. See her that all over the face tide is red (it is bashful for certain, unlike is sexual interest) , I am honest still say, the patient is in doctor eye, feel embarrassed without 武汉新茶网址what. She says to let her husband take her to look for me to look on the weekend, I say not to go to work on the weekend, you come to Zhou Yi, be no good let your husband take you, she says her husband goes to work (know he goes to work of course) , I say yourself comes, I take you to look. She agreed, next probably silent 1 minute is less than, she says you are being felt, diagnose one. Go to now believe firmly, this young married woman has demand, but I cannot anxious, encounter such affirmation to want to develop. Next I touched left breast a little while alone again, feel she enters state a bit, with respect to the attempt another hand is seamed from her jacket toward her feel in trousers, her hand was pressed but did not talk, I say to be able to judge disease of a few department of gynaecology according to secretion flavour, did not wait for her to promise to exert all his strength feel go down, next I lie groove, skill water, block a bag regrettablly not sound insulation still does not have door lock, felt simply a few times, apparent she feels bright, next I take a hand in time, see her one face does not have adequate model, I say Zhou Yi looks after children com[……]

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Those years武汉夜生活论坛, the Yun of dawn of incomplete wing butterfly of those people (on) [achieve a hair formerly]

Those years, the Yun of dawn of incomplete wing butterfly of those people (on) [achieve a hair formerly]Today’s memoir, leading role is Yun of elder sister dawn. Say the word outside bring out the theme first. If you saw a few cards before, the appearance that can discover I describe a woman student is temperamental, general meeting says she resembles such-and-such star. You may say this brother blind boast, how is the great beauty of star level beside the likelihood, actually my purpose lets everybody there can be a figure in brain immediately namely, star long what kind of everybody knows after all. For instance I tell you, the compere Yi that Xiao Na resembles Zhejiang stage a bit one, appearance temperament of Xiao Yun is similar now very songbird Yu Wenwen of fire, everybody is immediately canGetTo them probably about? They have the Yan Zhi with so fast star impossibly of course really, so everybody calls a discount by oneself in the heart. Subject says below. After coming back from native place, I entered an United States endowmentITEnterprise, this company enters China to have a few years only at that time, business is rising quickly period, welfare pay is first-rate. Municipal government to strive for this foreign capital, a ground gave in environs. The company is further from the urban district, to go to the lavatory, I live in the employee dormitory in company garden area. My boss is Malaysia Chinese, my working manner won his appreciate, probation ended to increase my wage. Taking a pay money that gives in the home, add a bank to mortgage, I bought boarding house of high level of a seascape inside city. The house was bought before long, one day Xiao Yun makes my mobile telephone from native place, since I leave home town after year, we had not contacted small in the past half an year, she says to want to come a house is bought to make investment in city. She listens to my Mom to say I just bought a house, want to let me help her staff officer. I did not think of my Mom and Xiao Yun to still go up a little, because I am written down,my parents says person of Home Guo Xiaona is ritzy. After spending the New Year so before long, son of 4 years old suffers from Xiao Yun suddenly pneumonic, high fever is not retreated, the brine of prefectural hospital condole that sends me maternal work, at that time spring flu height, hospital bed is nervous, a lot of patients can sleep in corridor only add a bed, my Mom be apt to of this popular feeling, look not to get dot to meet with blame, vacate the duty room her son is done temporarily ward. Wait for child defect became good Xiao Yun carried a gift to go to my home thanksing, in the course of contacts, my Mom and dawn Yun so became a friend. Xiao Yun laughs in the phone, say my Mom disposition is lovely like the child, it how is good to say with her I work, still bought new house, it is to want to help me seek outer part apparently. Xiao Yun later if really the car that builds an unit comes to city in, when the colleague goes handling affairs, the place that she runs to agree looks for me. Although Xiao Yun is long hair wave, female fellow is however on disposition, conversation is candid and humorous. She sees me, held a few times on the arm on my body, she says she thinks I am met gaunt for love, the result saw me still bear fruit many. I had begun to go daily at that time gym Lu iron, xiao Yun also likes fitness, so this is a our collective topic. I had checked a car at that time this, rented the friend’s car, the Yun that take dawn goes to those is in rambling the building of carry out dish, colour of sky gradually late I two tired, have a meal with respect to the decision first, because I have firm dining room all the time, also do not know which eating house is fine, still went finally that seafood eating house that I and Xiao Na often go to before. I am in at that time add muscle, easy hunger, menu did not look to choose course, does Xiao Yun say you often come to this eating house? I say to this lives before me, I am in this village namely year ago the car that waits for you goes back those who spend the New Year, are you written down do not remember? At that time Xiao Yun oh did not talk. When having a m武汉养生放水推荐2020eal, the room that I say to I am bought just made the key, xiao Yun says excitement says then we eat a meal to look. I say to had been not decorated, later also now. Xiao Yun insists to want to go, saying is summer the day is black late, had better experience a help on the spot today she will make the decision that buy a house tomorrow. Ate dinner, we drive went I buy the seaside that building of the room dish. I two sit elevator goes upstairs into the room, the room was not decorated do not have the lamp so, the lunar illumination of the window and balcony comes in a bit light, can look matter constrainedly. Do not know you have this kind of experience, when the environment that the men and women closes in darkness is in alone, atmosphere[……]

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[achieve a hair formerly] with advocate sexual love is shown to record the 2nd chapter before the person that sows a wife (20.1.30 newer true conte武汉夜生活网YNnt, add 8P)

武汉武汉夜论坛2018武武汉养生论坛同城汉夜网论 坛DF夜网品茶武汉夜网生活DC[……]

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[achieve a hair formerly] office武汉夜网论坛AQ adulteress 3

[achieve a hair formerly] office adulteress 3A day, this w武汉品茶 omen look for me to ask New year holidays, the family should go out to be driven oneself swim, before going, firm firm worked a few times, discover her beauty even more, it is on the bed billow cries, the conquer that satisfies you desire, not only have A piece of c lass call a bed to still can say all sorts of coquettish words with you, your dishy, big chicken do me dead of and so on; 2 it is minor acupuncture point close drape is much and the vagina relies on to go up to go in very easily, even if be to be in connecting the chicken after working a few times half soft below not strong position can easily go in, after going in, the sort of wrap up feels OK and rapid make you hard rise, 3 it is to go up annulus, informal inside shoot, also brother says person of this kind of woman husband, careful and sick, thank a care, this female scheming thief can be told to weigh from the back, can protect oneself very much more meeting seek interest, safe problem still has safeguard. They after a go on a journey, also be small letter connection is ceaseless, all sorts of hold up coquettish, chatting to chatting to ask I do what a day night, I say to crouch a toilet, information just sent the past, play gave video to invite, frighten so that I receive rapidly rise, not bad my daughter-in-law was not heard in the bedroom, she is in video that also I do not want signal phonate, gibberish my where dare phonate, her camera lens made over me intentionally to see on the side her what be asleep husband and son daughter, camera lens turns the milk that comes back to see she is kneading herself, do close-up, let me lying between screen to lick, turn again then be down a face to maint武汉桑拿夜网VDain punch mouth to look to me, my day, my chicken explode quickly hard Lu rise, she there also do not have at a loose end to knead those who remove her is small force, camera lens is remittent, say a tongue to my bite one’s lips a little while, knead breasts a little while a little while dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed forces, very fast I was shot look to her, she also of be perfectly satisfied to me take credit for ot武汉夜网论坛DFher’s merit is begged complimentary. I am none miserly of course continue the character makes a round trip hold up coquettish. One secondary drives go the other place is away on official business, I receive her to her home, after arriving, she lets me go upstairs help her promote a thing, went up she still is clearing away baggage, let me sit meeting, her pa Mom greeted with me two hind, say to want to go to a supermarket, so come to the home in with respect to me two people, I treat this kind of condition, held in arms in the past bowing she what hold a thing, laughing to saying to work on her mouth work. Dry? Do you. Do not be troubled by, a little while my pa Mom should come back. Which have come back so quickly, said this again more quickly. It is good that this women st武汉夜生活网HTill have a bit, hold on this thing a bit not ink marks, immediately absolve, a few strip off light, I also am done not have polite took off a with nothing left, because follow her to work every time all of a sweat, my sweat goes exaggerated time the drop on her body. Still have a bit below this women wet fast, and do not be fed up with me to use saliva, my daughter-in-law cold-shoulders me to lubricate with saliva every time, after this women use saliva embellish to go in, do not have a few times can wet. On her bed, beginning evil interest of the man, the marriage gauze that looks at their the head of a bed is illuminated arise spontaneously a kind of contented feeling, after letting her break up, enter, pull a hair to let her admire a head to look at marriage gauze to illuminate together with me, ask she is used with Laogong at ordinary times need not this pose, begin a billow to make did not answer my firm life to be inserted a few times, ask again, groan of chirp say to like to use this gesture with Laogong not quite, because the gallinaceous chicken of his husband is long and thin,after working, be being told with me is, she what disclose enters after aches, my very thick length is appropriate also ma武汉夜网品茶ke her very contented, actually my chicken length is very average but the beautiful heart that emphatic moment is like to be able to carry her on the head, every go to what she can make this time to throw the ceiling to make my thief successful feel. Say bed show, I ask her that to you like how to come at ordinary times, saying is to like her to lie in bed end, husband stands on the ground, what does that still wait for to change this posture rapidly, after coming a little while, ask she still has what pose again, say their pose is not much, but she wants to come, this idea is combining my idea, I did not take out chicken, holding her in the arms to hold the stage that wash gargle in the arms to go up as the baby that join system directly, won’t do think brothe[……]

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[achieve a hair formerly] malty, memory at the outset troubled 武汉养生论坛同城time (add one Zhang Jiuzhao)

[achieve a hair formerly] malty, memory at the outset troubled time (add one Zhang Jiuzhao) Edition advocate leave a messageGo up alone dumbly on the west building (2021-2-1 00:24) : Graph bed uploads, do not want accessory download, waste member gold coin Before paragraph time goes back the wedding that attends an university to abandon friend, long-unseen classmate meets again, greet, mutual make impromptu comic gestures and remarks, with respect to the memory that began an university 4 years. The classmate’s affection is pure, game, novel, play a ball game, escape class, bubble girl, everywhere go for a walk, discharge forever in front of study. The classmate that the head comes to before late bridegroom accost has a meal together, the institute of manage engineering course, the schoolgirl is compared originally little, came to 2, among them one is one of department flowers that we fasten, chief body is to choose plump and smooth-skinned figure high below garment skirt, the frown and smile is taking the lasting appeal with peculiar young married woman. Between Tan Xiao, everybody is recollected at the outset, I and at the outset when a few classmates 武汉夜生活网QTwith a more have fun are opposite each other, it is connotation laughs, the float in brain reveals her in those days clever graceful figure, do not wear body appearance of 武汉夜生活网NGCun Lv, and various on the bed poses, listening to her Tan Xiao, side side can’ts help thinking back to remove her at the outset charming breathes heavily. She at the outset the boy friend also is us the one member of this group of a gang of scoundries, did not come this of course. In his mobile phone, we saw the schoolgirl that she loves from a Qing Chunke, be moved to teach a lubricity the girl’s course by him. Also may be to suffer him to affect, oneself also began to accept a series of think what do not have the courage to think to play a way at the outset, plus the first love that yearns for to sexual love in a heart, can say, from big 3 begin, let me enter a brand-new world. Call this schoolgirl Ling first, at the outset strong enter a school when the figure is poor tall, but Yan Zhigao, even if is in what their schoolgirl’s much institute still can discharge first love to go up date. Strong enter a school by the class in rich 2 acting settle on, be taken next. The good man student that we often play together has ten, but involve a woman this respect, also only 67 are an illicit intimate circle. In circle from most dozen of initial game, develop to communicate a woman slowly, next from road road this god implement appear, everybody plays together, begin mad agreement next, even the match whose progress is rapid, slowly begin to be being made an appointment with play 3P, it is that next rich 2 generation begin, call him the rod. Meet we 35 malty, as a result he does武汉夜网prower not know how to mention excessive wife and exchange, ask we have idea next, await me in those days already He Peier is together, other a few also have a girlfriend basically, do not have some to also have friend of prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun probably, begin everybody to think he is malty. The result spends paragraph of time, he built a Qq group, sent a few pieces of her girlfriends next, namely of Ling naked according to, begin from this, send irremediable. To Ling, we group in had gone up, from when beginning, be everybody meets武汉桑拿夜网AD her fuddle, next the rod also is in ceaseless revulsive, engraft, be together with us to what begin to unlock finally, it is someone else gradually next, join by the girlfriend, have a plenty of freewill, also have fuddle, or it is drug is not sober, also have the girl of the New Testament, everybody begins complete mad play. But await me to do not have an admire in those days take, had had idea, someone else also is being incited all the time,武汉品茶导航QW even when once everybody goes out to play, admire already malty, had taken off her almost at that time even, but I still did not agree finally. When playing at ordinary times, basically take have a fellow-townsman, still have the other girl that makes an appointment with namely. Later, discover admire also playing road, still had made an appointment with with someone else even, although such, I also do not have an admire take, still try to cover her off the rails issue even. But till fast graduation when, awaited us to had parted company in those days, just know from others mouth, did not think of oneself once love most, original talent is real green tea, in her Qing Chun’s appearance falls, under cover a devil. Once was held in both hands by me she in the hand, more than had made an appointment with, even we in this small circle of people had gone up basically. Did not think of oneself are dead the deathtrap is guarding her, the result is early by group the rod of this group of excessive in people procurable, and hidi[……]

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That year kinescope hall and classmate peek the little sister that武汉特色sz others sex heroine is a classmate unexpectedly [achieve a hair formerly]

That year kinescope hall and classmate peek the little sister that others sex heroine is a classmate unexpectedly [achieve a hair formerly]Go up that year tall one, do not have worry study all the day, there is a small kinescope office on the side of the school. Often escape武汉夜网论坛AQ then the class goes out look piece. There also is sweethearts inside kinescope hall between the bag, inside machine of a dish of a sofa, can oneself carry dish to look. Brother the end between in those days ah the portion that mixes dozen of hall only, look one day with my classmate together cheat, see intermediate classmate goes going up toilet, come back to call me mysteriously, the brother has play to look, come quickly with me. Then I go with him rapidly, between the bag that slants quite in in, there is an air-vent by the toilet, the brother calls me to look, look in my go toing, it is two sweethearts see Huang Pian inside so (I am guess treat 3 form piece) . The light is not very good, angle is bad also to can see that be in maly only female milk, summer wear go up, dress upgrade carries me to see a grandma, my classmate pulled open this time I, he saw meeting come to an agreement or understanding auspicious be suckled in vain, let me look again next, such we two change look, it is excited very, still see become known end unexpectedly later, look be excited, angle unseemly is not clear, know they work only went up ear is stuck on the door to hold out later cry femaly, our difference that make but make an aircraft, listen to the female coquettish that cry, a little while the family came to an end we return the hall rapidly. Do that wanting a little while to must look is which two are dry inside, s武汉真正可以约的appee be our school, this female grandma is big, the buttock has time to also want to work in vain. Sit to wait then next, two force to death do not come out all the time. Spent an a long time, that two people came out I look, was over this is not my classmate little sister full, my classma武汉夜盟DFYHte face is green. I live when time hold back laugh, the coquettish daughter that thinking the elder brother peeked a long time in the heart is him little sister. I the inarticulate in that heart feels. Next that two people went kinescope hall to did not see us, next my brother says to me, go we go out to do that male, I say is not the artillery piece that your little sister is willing to be hit with the person, does the family talk a friend do we hit a family to do what? My classmate says your fuck does not raise this issue, let you hit you, again gibberish brother does not have do. Then I dare not talk, two people gallop go up cut lives they, go up cruel hit that male, his little sister still is in all the time pull her elder brother to crying not to let her elder brother hit, the where with my classmate big fire agrees to listen, say to pull武汉喝茶资源微信群 open my younger sister to me. Then I am holding her little sister in the arms, see him cruel hit that male. Those who hit head broken and bleeding it is miserable. I am holding his little sister in the arms I want to let your coquettish, father is not the petty gain that take a place, carry her buttock on the head with JB then, the hand feels a grandma by chaos, still wanting to be inserted into B to look with the hand in the heart at that time have do not have that male seminal fluid. But dare not work. Hit him to let his little sister come home, next we go out to have a thing, my classmate says this thing 武汉夜网论坛DShopes you never mention it, I say I do not say absolutely, can I do your little sister? He says you go dead, you if dare father blame abandoned you 2 elder brother, never mention it later such word, do not open such fun. Then I dare not say, he lets me pledge, if I say,go out this brother does not have this thing the law was done. I abide by a promise later, had not said all the time, just now and then see his little sister thinks of that pair of milk. Hey hey draw up now will be shared with everybody! Grading records this note recentlyI am washing the dressGold coin+ 35Painstaking! 2013-12-17 20:12I am washing the dressContribute+ 1Painstaking! 2013-12-17 20:12[……]

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The elder sister of Xiaoyu of army elder brother’s wife of my past in the government organization [ac武汉加微信约200一晚hieve a hair formerly]

The elder sister of Xiaoyu of army elder brother’s wife of my past in the government organization [achieve a hair formerly]Before I was here to be shared with everybody more than 10 years before a few months, I peep to lead the experience that makes love in the office and lover to the unit, at long last time is written down then today, the support that the hope can continue to get authority and edition advocate encourage. Peep Director Wu and his small lover makes love in the office the stimulation with the sort of brought intense mentally never passes, light of belle skirt ahull peeps to also be stimulated very much during the university, do not cross intensity to go up or differred one big chunk. Exciting while my deep also fear after the event, if accidentally drop drops building, perhaps be discovered by the director, my life or professional future with respect to put up with this is terminative. In the period of time after that, work in the computer room in the evening occasionally, a武汉夜生活桑拿论坛网lthough see head office is bright light, know they tryst inside, although want to watch true person show again very much, also dare not climb to peep to air-conditioner again after all however. Claver does not say more, although I go to work do not have a few months, but because I am a favourite by sb in power in Director Wu eye, my disposition is intercourse of more optimistic love that kind, mix very quickly the old and young in the unit is mixed very soundly. The youth in the unit is not much, the Xiaoyu elder sister of financial department probably 30 years old, my that moment is 23 years old, I two be with age person, become the friend that must come a little very much very quickly so. Actually class of my the first sky noticed her, she grows so that resemble Yuan Quan a bit, eye socket is deeper, big eye, facial features is stereoer, short hair, the skin is basked in very healthily the sort of wheat is lubricious, build is not a meter tall 6 the left and right sides, she is thinner, bosom is looked at not big also, but her double leg is particularly fruity and erect, the buttock becomes warped again greatly again, my this person loves quite ripe female, it is to become warped buttock and ham accuse, the belle that although she is not the sort of traditional sense,goes up so, I still feel she is especially other and sexy. Xiaoyu elder sister had married, her husband is a company commander of army, the city that place where troops are stationed is in from us probably more than 100 kilometers. I had seen her husband, age estimation is bigger than her many, look at very frank. Two people have a daughter of two years old. Because husband often is not in the home, she a person besides should take care of a daughter, take care of even almost the mother-in-law of blindness, army elder brother’s wife is special really not easy, I am right at that time the sort of her feeling, should be jumbly move likes, feel distressed and respect. Await me in those days lone, stay in the dormitory of the unit so, the economy that the index that Xiaoyu elder sister is trust interest center buys is applicable room, so I two live in same a village, xiaoyu elder sister knows I am lone do not cook, always eat quick meal outside, can ask me to have a meal occasionally, I can buy some of cooked food beer to go to her home. Her husband now and then be in the home, but her mother-in-law always is in the home, so I also am in alone with more than elder sister without how many opportunity all the time, nevertheless the word says, more than elder sister is special stick-in-the-mud, if there are she and daughter only in the home, she came to avoid doing anything that may arouse suspicion to won’t ask me certainly. In the unit, we very naturally uses sister younger brother proportional, I at that time, can feel more than elder sister is very good to my impression, care me very much, but I do not have too much love experience, courage small, the accusation that destroys army marriage I am very be afraid of, so I a can passive make a move treat one condition. I compare intimate contact exclusively with more than elder sister, it is to face close the end of the year, organization of government organization as usual dines together in the hotel, because more than elder sister has been compared for popularity, what the person grows is beautiful also, and because I am the technical backbone that director key fosters, so I two was forced to drink a lot of cups of wine. Dine together ended me to call a taxi, call on more than elder sister and additionally two colleagues to answer a village together. After other staff gets off first, reached home of more than sister downstair, at that time I two drink a bit more, more than elder sister lets me go upstairs sober up of the tea that drink a dot, I want to also did not want to agree. The lamp of corridor is bad, have a few buildings inky, I know more than elder sister has bit of nyctalopia, lose sight of a r[……]

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[ach武汉夜论坛2018ieve a hair formerly] today the head on sperm, say to let her help with landlord solve a problem to be rejected. . .

[achieve a hair formerly] today the head on sperm, say to let her help with landlord solve a problem to be rejected. . . The appearance sincerity that says landlord first is not good-looking, can say ugly, but the figure is correct, the water of southern Bai Xi of skin model is tender model. Because my girlfriend feels frigidity having a place,its origin is, basically a month, still 武汉夜网狼盟sz027do not have passion every time, those who do sincerity武汉夜生活网论坛027桑拿 without the meaning. Scrape up of body and mind of as time passes a lot of desire fire, because be i n abroad personally,the original poster is, chinese circle is very small do not have a law to look for one-night standing, foreigner circle does not have interest sincerely, cannot help wanting to seduce landlord with respect to Tm really today so. Landlord is to bringing the child outer study abroad, epidemic situation runs recently abroad, because want to keep apart the job to also be done not have,went up, be in the home every day so, I recently also is basically class of it doesn’t matter, staying in the home. Did not put on the garment intentionally today to shake in the home, my landlord also secretly then the eye takes aim secretly, I see a feeling have show, with respect to small letter with him one does not have can look for a plan to be ticked off downward only slowly, say to help be kneaded to me with her during knead a small of the back, I武汉养生放水推荐2020 took off jacket to bend over to be kneaded to her on my bed next, run to her room again later, kneaded me a little while to say I help you also be kneaded, he says need not, I went back to the motherland. After replying house, chat then, chatting to chatting to arrive a little on bisexual problem, say I am the closest of hold back be no good, can help my hand. She 武汉夜论坛2018expresses at the beginning very astonish actually I know her a bit not Jing, just do not have courage. But her good looks lets me carry really do not have the idea that goes be being pushed by force, say to be no good finally anyway be no good, saying is to should receive the child to run out. Lean, think now true his Mom regrets, for so an unseemly takes a risk femaly, be afraid of be spoken, , , hey, , , really drunk. Mix slash forum several years, post of first time hair, if have a mistake, ask excuse meAsk excuse me This card is final by 1341129984 at 2020-3-8 17:14 editors4 editorsGrading records this note recentlyBestrivenggGold coin+ 20No matter whether you accept red Bao Jing to go up! 2020武汉夜盟315-3-8 21:26[……]

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“Is Leng Junjun round ” does 2020.02.26- explode hold female with (like a woman of come to an a武汉桑拿夜网TYgreement or understanding only? ) double female figure ” achieve a hair formerly “

“Is Leng Junjun round ” does 2020.02.26- explode hold female with (like a woman of come to an agreement or understanding only? ) double female figure ” achieve a hair formerly ” Fall the flower follows running water of purpose, running water is loved involuntarily fall flowerFemale advocate: Small T, 24 years old, the student of famous brand college of strong finish school. Height 168CM, weight 55KG. Female homosexual, t (those who act male part is female with) . Respecting this development, it is completely innocently lift. Tell the truth, to female with, I do not have too much repulsion, nonexistent also particularly much attraction. With a my female slave Mo Ying chats. She is quite helpless say with me, she was tangled to go up by a female homosexual. Everyday all sorts of hold up. I begin to also should not reply a thing, forest is old, what bird has. Later, I say I look at your hair photograph. Photograph hair comes, I look, well, OK, grow very beautifully. (the photograph can come out in article hair) fire of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease came up immediately, seek novelty psychology can have. I give Mo Ying make known to lower levels directly instruction, desire refus still is greeted, ticking off her. I should play her. Do not have during too special, special is Mo Ying tells her, oneself have a boy friend (those who say is me) . Also said to a girl likes her with me. The boy friend won’t accept she and man to make love, but do not repel she and girl make love. Her boy friend is very curious also, want to see two women how make love. Begin small T to not be willing, but those who chat is long, mo Ying expressed good opinion to  her, inform her clearly also at the same time, oneself won’t betray a boy friend. Although accept,make love with her, because want to make a boy friend happy,also be. You came to what I go to talk about a paragraph, small T agreed. Can 3 people go, but I must not touch her. Epidemic situation also is done not have so strict. I let Mo Ying make an appointment with her went me seldom the apartment that live. Differ meeting, small T sends a message to Mo Ying, respecting village doorway. I let Mo Ying go down to receive her. Entered a room, small T some feel embarrassed made a call to me. I say to Mo Ying, you want bright today, we one male one female careless yourself. Amused a few, small T also was unlocked. I say, you play, I am looked at. Have a feeling, I help your Cao Xiaoying. Mo Ying some feel embarrassed, I hold her in the arms to the bed, laugh to small T next, say, you are enjoyed please. Small T some feel embarrassed say, then I went up. I say, enjoy to the top of one’s bent. Small T goes to the bed, holding in the arms small clever begin to kiss. Truth is told, a little exciting still. I am taking bench to sit in bedside, smoking cigarette, loo武汉茶友论坛UJk at small T to kiss with Mo Ying at the same time, knead the milk that holds Mo Ying at the same time. Mo Ying’s ceaseless favour favour ah ah move. Small T may be too long did not play a woman, of too impatient to wait unplug pull small clever the dress. What do Mo Ying a little while is naked. She uses hand knead at the same time small clever clitoris, at the same time greedy suction allow is small clever nipple. Small clever the grumble that is produced ceaselessly by her, the eyeball of have sth in mind of half narrow one’s eyes of cheek Gong Gong sees me. I stand up go by, hold in the arms case small clever head, went up in person small clever ruddy small lip. Small clever bend is worn body, suck my tongue of hum hum forcibly. Look at small T sucking small clever nipple, I am kneaded with finger hold small clever another nipple. Kneaded a few times, I rise should leave. Small clever the hand that playing me closely, do not let me go. But, I sit in the head of a bed. Laughing to say to small T, you are wearing dress Cao Xiaoying with respect to preparation. The laugh that small T raises head awkwardness laughs say, you are in this, I feel embarrassed a bit. I say what to be afraid of, we are brothers two either. You were opened wide play, play accurate small clever, can not blame me. Small the held me hand of clever charming be ashamed. [Hide]Small T back took of武汉夜网论坛DRf the dress to me, wearing briefs, twisted what be affectedly bashful holds to had turned body. Truth is told, breasts is not big, figure is correct still. The likelihood is the body that is afraid that I see her, the low beginning that bend over is licked small clever small coquettish forces. Small clever groan is worn exert all one’s strength pull me. I touch her head, say, enjoy well. See small T bending over to lick next small clever. What the buttock sticks up is high, truth is told, very become warped, old end. Played a little while. I say, small clever, you bend over to kiss with her on her body, help her knead a clitoris. I am hard. I want grass you. Small clever bend over cleverly to go up in the body of small T. I c[……]

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[achieve a hair formerly] had gone up the comrade-in-arms’ mom [achieve a hair for武汉夜盟DFYHmerly]

[achieve a hair formerly] had gone up the comrade-in-arms’ mom [achieve a hair formerly]Still say I and me first this comrade-in-arms concerns! I and he from arrive at the beginning first tall 3 it is a classmate, after high school graduates, join the army together. Carry artful is to still be in a class! Calculate from the beginning case, also have 15 years of friendship, say the significance is immense between us so! He is front courtyard of odd relatives by marriage, when father high school off the rails divorced, be in also without giving thought to they, the mother is officeholder, still becoming pluralistic treasurer outside additionally, the life is comparatively well-off… . . . . During army is a soldier, his mom often sees us, and have every t武汉szsn论坛ime taking a thing take double share, he I am one, our relati onship is good to this degree… 7 years, I retired from army, and sergeancy turned below his requirement in family (the job is bad also at that time to search, his mom and he is other kin asks he stays in army) . When retiring from army, he enjoins me to be free to often help him go to his home looking, see mom what needs to help. Tell the truth what we leave twice is not far also (take a car 15 minutes or so) , his mom is very good also to me during and I am in army is a soldier. Just in time of that paragraph of time did not find the job, I am so occupied do not have a thing to often go to his home ambulating ambulate…The turning point of the story happened, the comrade-in-arms comes back to visit one’s family when returning troop, forget bring a boot, he lets me go to his home helping him be taken return troop. Then the following day towards evening, I go to his home taking, his mom is very polite leave me to have a meal only, it is difficult to do not have method great kindness however, mix in his home then two people entere武汉真正可以约的appd her mom in all dinner, a few red wine still were drunk between banquet, imperceptible she is drunk tall, then I help him up to go to bed, inopportune is she vomitted a few, and return flyblown the dress, she loves clean, confused she lets me go chest takes a clean and clean dress to be changed. . . When my dress waiting to be taken after 5 minutes, she says to let me help her be changed, was I frightened jump greatly? How likely? Without language. . . . The T-shirt unlined upper garment that then I took off her (as it happens is Chun Xiazhi 武汉桑拿夜网RMborder in those days) , changing changing, also do not know how (perhaps be sperm above) , plus so much year in army hold back so long, I also couldn’t help again. . . Leave directly dry! ~ is the flavour of woman of savor of my first time then, feel really marvellous club! Although her person became drunk, but private parts or very cooperate me, , , , came to an end I also lay down slept. When awaking the following day, my ashamed remorses to be become hard, she also realizes produced what job. I think the mouth explains but cannot find likely reason again, had felt humiliating, but what didn’t she also say actually? Still say to do not have a thing, , , very long the enjoyment that also does not have so carefree dripping wet passed, still speak; Chastity of 10 years is destroyed in me on this small cultivate greener. . . . . The word says, although she is the person of mom class, below very black, be without beauty but character, what Dan Ji blames is very close really however (the likelihood is the reason that closed a lot of years) , bosom looks very big, but those who take off the prolapse after next bust bodice is very serious, resemble two bags like. Help me blow xiao within an inch of to let me fly once, true! She has bit of bucktooth, the tooth is not very orderly, card of that tooth as it happens is in place of my coronal shape channel, that is flashy I fly quickly! ~ and over her I returned first time experience to arrive truly postern flavor, tell the truth get in by the back door does not have what pleasure really on the body but character, it is a feeling even what be placed is very painful, but the mentally pleasure that get in by the back doo武汉夜生活网YNr brings is really tremendous! Answered really that word; (no matter much older woman, g door is close should die) . We go down with respect to such development later, often do doing also is be accustomed to sth, b武汉桑拿夜网KJut her mom is really good to me! ~ bought Ipad to me, billow musical instrument is expressed, that is to just retired from army to still do not have the job his mom still can give me some of pin money, feel I am his small lover, tell the truth I am not a graph her money, just had not tasted feminine flavor at that time, still have even if feel very wonderful really then. . . My comrade-in-arms retired from army last year come back, the time that I go to his home is little also, basically be to come out to date, the time that dates repeatedly from the back is little also. . . We still return to that the earliest feeling, my rela[……]

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