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[achieve a hair formerly] for road hold up with cure small coquettish young married woman is updated continuously Edition advocate leave a messageXLov3(2019/5/11 21:59) : Those who write is very pretty good, the caption with revise a bit better is added incidentally [achieve a hair formerly] hind PM my grading Thank Sis above all, be indebted to forum help, although our husband and wife does not have attestation, but the husband and wife that still knew a pair of same interests in Sis, below successful line, thank acknowledgment. Oneself and wife work in the hospital together (different hospital) , these two days of my hospitals all sorts of accident, be troubled by contradiction of doctors and patients every day. Came this morning a child mom, look after children see a doctor, but without registration, let me help. Original doctor does not divide sexual distinction, nevertheless Jing of this young married woman is day person, the figure is correct, sound is Orphean, help then filled date lets a director look to her. Next the connection way that she played a director actively to contact means and me (general director does not pick up the telephone) , I feel very strange at that time, I am sitting she is standing, she does not sit down and I talk, standing intentionally to lower his head to ask I contact means, to be warm, she the sort of low bosom is short sleeve shows two bosoms to me to look directly, do not have bust bodice, because of the child 6 months, still be in lactation, quite big still, basically be the skin very white. Next small letters and she chatted midday, family this city person, husband week is away on official business to Zhou Wu, day comes home Saturday, there are two武汉桑拿夜网TY hemangiomas on child buttock and arm. Chat foolishly next, she 32 years old (oneself 34 wife 32) , become in the enterprise manpower manager, because go in the morning,helped, she also wants to there is a friend in the hospital, eat a meal together please midday, after this wolf gives wife ask for instructions on invitation. (this wolf is divided outside playing one of the pieces in Chinese chess, it is wife canal fathers)Have a meal very close from the hospital, the other side still is that body dress that wear, when having a meal, surround to my settle on innocently of purpose, because wife hooks up,I also am 3 evening shift, did not release for ages, chatted to nod the problem of a few privacy that about her husband still has her a little, because of the doctor’s cause, intended problem mammary gland and department of gynaecology have a problem, exaggerate next the other and malign disease that focus of a disease causes. Chatted 20 minutes probably, she asks me mammary gland and department of gynaecology to this must let doctor examination, I say I am met, just not professional, but registration of mammary gland gynecologist is not hanged commonly, she considered, say to let me be felt, have the fibroma with benign perhaps bump (this wolf is not this two divisions) , next I with respect to begin, feeling the bosom of 6 months returns lactation is too soft, those who compare my wife is a few bigger, begin to used professional gimmick to be teased directly later, see her face red tape breathe loud and jarring, know life of husband and wife is not much recently, probably namely 5-6 minute, my get better closes, say left bosom has probably 1 to 2CM small, dare not say outside now, if she is available, can give in the division look, or I think method lets teacher of relevant section office give look. See her that all over the face tide is red (it is bashful for certain, unlike is sexual interest) , I am honest still say, the patient is in doctor eye, feel embarrassed without 武汉新茶网址what. She says to let her husband take her to look for me to look on the weekend, I say not to go to work on the weekend, you come to Zhou Yi, be no good let your husband take you, she says her husband goes to work (know he goes to work of course) , I say yourself comes, I take you to look. She agreed, next probably silent 1 minute is less than, she says you are being felt, diagnose one. Go to now believe firmly, this young married woman has demand, but I cannot anxious, encounter such affirmation to want to develop. Next I touched left breast a little while alone again, feel she enters state a bit, with respect to the attempt another hand is seamed from her jacket toward her feel in trousers, her hand was pressed but did not talk, I say to be able to judge disease of a few department of gynaecology according to secretion flavour, did not wait for her to promise to exert all his strength feel go down, next I lie groove, skill water, block a bag regrettablly not sound insulation still does not have door lock, felt simply a few times, apparent she feels bright, next I take a hand in time, see her one face does not have adequate model, I say Zhou Yi looks after children come further consultation with a doctor, incidentally I take her to be checked. Next her come to an agreement or understanding, say small letter fastens cutout next, consult my Yo more at ordinary times the thing of classics and disease respect. Next she calls a clerk settle accounts, I look at her to written guarantee Zhang, go next beside her no matter she wishs,also not be willing, sit down, next the hand is put say to be written down uncomfortably on the waist look for me at any time, next the hand slips down lumbar upgrade, held a tit, pulling her hand to stand up. Send her to the car next, she lets go after agreeing to chat in the evening. Write this similar diarial to play afternoon meaning be not to spit discomfort, basically be to want to mix the wolf is friendly people a little, this young married woman can procurable, can you perhaps develop? Should want the introduction to give wife 3 people travel? (wife likes husband and wife)On May 12Know her pet name makes small syrup this morning, a little, say to like a friend to call her the pet name very much, kind. Say to make an appointment with me to have a meal together midday, I say she is husband and wife looks after children, she says her husband attends marriage dinner, with respect to herself, because of me nevertheless visit a patient at home did not go. Say normally, ate a meal to agree to will surely prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan midday, as a result I did not go, the other side should very accurate, but did not think of small dew is opposite unexpectedly my good impression times add, say I am busy the job is sure medical skill is brillant, it is good that ailment small melt looks for me after, let me work well, time is enough make an appointment with her, she arrives for certain. I said two more, say to take her husband certainly next time, she says to take him to work, do not have emotional appeal to still won’t t

alk, with respect to me two chat it is quite good to have a meal. Next I return otherwise to want to give birth to 2 embryoes about her home a little a little of 3 embryoes, ask her husband and wife is mixed next disharmonious, begin her to still say she talks about this, next it is very important that I say this to her, affect child health, she begins to pour bitter water greatly (the 15 minutes longest, very few climax, every time inside shoot wanted half an year to just want to go up of and so on) , but also feel her husband is not easy, feeling of husband and wife is good also, but the friend always should have a few, especially La Yan is intimate, chance I am understanding (garment of person of solution of be apt to) friend, balabala one pile. I answered finally, your figure is really good, make my wife and you learn good. Does she say your wife tit is big? Compare with hers rise, whose a few bigger, a few more good-looking? Balabala another caboodle, I see time wanted not early to go to work, say to did not feel too much, should let me try from professional point of view next time? Her come to an agreement or understanding. This wolf this is encouraged, go to work afternoon also spirit, a moment ago understood a telephone call, although the care of wife of be not a patch on, but also be the feeling that exceeds a friend. Return finally came to, zhou Yi you frequently who is big. Good, does this wolf week consider to want not to use bit of drug? Troublesome wolf is friendly people support a move, how to make this young young married woman? What still suggests? The text is simple belong to a fact, if have coincidence, absolutely impossible. On May 13Quite accident midday, before going to work at 2 o’clock, to you wolf friend is sharedA next small around shop ate dot meal midday, spent 200 less than, simple, next I say big sun ground go for a walk is uninteresting also, be no good seek the ground meet a little day, she is quite delighted, nevertheless choose let my vexed a bit, my what she chooses office. My section office falls midday is nobody, nevertheless this plays if meaning was caught, at least bonus did not make fun of this year. (Song exceeds in the heart)But still agreed. Meet a little in the office midday day, I also am to be afraid of have an accident in the unit, what chat so is quite awkward, next small dew asks I am me directly two be in the office alone not quite appropriate, the influence is bad, still say to be able to pass my wife there, influence family. I so loosen one day much, stand up actively to open house door, incidentally bisect examine nurse (the young nurse that did not come home midday, this is another story, had not done calm) say I and patient chat a little, occupied knock go (in our courtyard, basic this word that is to say this patient is acquaintance, do not have an important matter not to come in) . Next she says need not such, next she gives a door to shut. I let her sit chair, sit beside me, I look to her again. Be a key next. I let her rise body hold up directly, next inside those who wear is black bust bodice, quality of a material is good, very soft, not be to see last absolutely the sort of lactation bust bodice. I am not foolish also, because chat last,said me to do not have resistance to black underwear, and apparently she this clothes is changed, I also am monkey having a place urgent, because stimulation is compared in the office,after-thought rises now may be, especially alternately the room still has two nurses to chat, I opened the bust bodice that buckles before her directly, say to observe and be felt next, what say in the mouth is focus of a disease, crotch rose however, but in imagining hard, estimation is returned or be afraid of a bit. She also does not talk, closed the eye, I look to also fasten gibberish, sucked the breast directly (this wolf is short of a grandma a bit, do not have what resistance to the breast) , she resisted, say to there is such seeing a doctor? Look with the mouth? I say a doctor a view, I still have others won’t method. Ate to also be less than with respect to a minute? She begins actively to pull pants catenary to me, the hand is felt, is what say you say next this method? I differ dot laugh field at that time, saying is not this, you this belongs to the common people of the weaker sex, doctor medical apparatus and instruments cannot be felt casually, were you disinfected? She says to go out in the morning those who bathe, don’t you have scent to come? Word respecting this degree, or else is done is eunuch. Lock door, pull screen, push examination bed get sth done without any letup, feeling the other side a little should be quite wet, but my him sense is little younger brother is a bit fatigued and weak, does she say you are willing not quite? The doctor of the hospital sees too much, interesting without the gender? I say to do not have, I have bit of insecurity for the first time (be in the office for the first time) , she says you were not washed, reckon your doctor should do not have disease? I say I have slight clean hobby, she says to have the instrument that has you again next time, be felt this, get up to give me loiter little younger brother with nipple next. This movement is my wife loves most, also be I love most, rose forcedly at a draught. I let her bend over bedside, give her the opening a little while, sensory excessive water 4 splash, next do I say we begin therapy? She says you fasten phonate, everybody must not say this thing, I say to go, she says to be able to wear cotton padding, I say my balata is allergic (I really this is allergic, it is so need not case is clear-cut perhaps do not work) . She is quite hesitant, but strong will also have to go up, I say to be at ease, I learn cure how can you still let you give birth to the child to drip to me? Unplug directly go up. Probably at 12 o’clock 45 the left and right sides begins, the movement did not change a few, this wolf is entered after the habit, examination bed is very narrow, she bends over above my hind is entered appropriate. Let her break up again next, lean above the front is done, this is really pretty good to beautiful breast, when doing her, shake will shake depolarization to have aesthetic feeling, and see herself covering mouth save one’s breath but still have groan appearance that come out, I feel too special stimulated, within an inch of武汉桑拿夜网OP is not controlled. Write down anyway not quite clear, finally is to let her bend over to go up in the wall on the side of the window, work to her directly blew. Complete his Mom is water, enrage me dead, work last blow or before cummer student younger sister. Take the advantage of her climax, the vagina is contractive, I exert all my strength did a few times, within an inch of is shot, pull out rapidly come, the head that pressing her lets her eat. This is quite accident, she revolts not to eat unexpectedly, let me shoot her to suckle however, do not have next next, shot not much, made grain delivered to the state after all. Next she is washed in the cistern in house, but did not wear the dress, I sit to holding her in the arms on examination bedside, she has a place not be willing to part with or use is feeling little younger brother. She says this climax feels too exciting, dare not touch now, touched affirmation to be blown again, I laugh with respect to cheap, say a period of treatment 12 months, every month is treated at least 5 times. She exerts all her strength clutch I, say this thing next cannot anybody knows, say her son must let best doctor give look, said one pile her husband how how not bird she, although she loves him very much, but the individual is done not have beside this age especially uncomfortable, it is OK that I say you are uncomfortable will look for me, we now is a friend, does she say we calculate what? I say our two friends calculating the flesh, sometime asks you to drink, be fair-weather friend. It is one is felt next, wear the dress, chat, clear away farfetched, she comes home first the clothes that change a body comes again, I am cleared away clear away preparation to open examine. Content chats among, the feeling is more barefaced than before two days, but still spend without what reach keep no secrets from each other, I ask her the feeling how, she says what have each each is good, it is quite exciting, because gave birth to child hind, her husband takes cotton padding to do her every time, she not quite bright, her husband often was afraid of her. Balabala, other one caboodle, still say to be patted secretly originally, but the thing goes abrupt, the chicken that did not control oneself good again, too right do not live the wolf is friendly. Estimation is Zhou Sanzhou next time 4, see her this coquettish daughter fits pure pattern, I want to do her into small bitch, very pleased with oneself is entered after white buttock especially, come slowly, develop to her for certain. Will continue to update, if have duplicate, absolutely impossible! PsTo now a patient is done not have, I forgot the nurse says, I did that friend go? Short afternoon write downThe wife is mad now rise, dare be not touched reallyThe little elder sister that two dress expose comes over to look for me to open Yin Chao, I say I cannot leave to want to go department of gynaecology, next two people will be answered 3 times two back and forth, did not look finally, withdraw fund, collect fees the mouth was touched by a male patient the buttock, exploded next, scold this offensive, such girl affirmation is good push, but come up against this kind to overdo hey too open, I am incommensurate instead, where is you? Thing of it doesn’t matter happens now, the body also needs to rest, it is small letter talked about a period of time, she is willing to allude not quite it seems that the thing of this respect, it is inquire after sb’s health only, I say otherwise wants to have dinner together, she does not say, still have take care of the child, organic meeting says again. Develop slowly, always have timeOneself namely average person, 180cm80kg, appearance says with wife word ugly died, nevertheless I see her still like quite, chen Hao of colleague compose a quarrel civilian very resemble breathing outOn May 16Voice aches, cold, the illness accentuatedSay to be made an appointment with again today originally, the result because the body is bad excuse oneself from. However, however, those who make me accident is, small dew is taking the pear water that vacuum cup installs to looked for me to come unexpectedly, the thing is put toward my table, said, you notice the body, this pear water put tendril-leaved fritillary bulb, I treat voice to ache so from what look on the net… I laugh at gush directly, I say small dew you stupid ah, xue Li and tendril-leaved fritillary bulb put evaporate together is cure is small friendly cough and asthma… the word says tendril-leaved fritillary bulb spent many money, what to do to say with me first next time, do not pass or thank you. She feels embarrassed especially, said to be not done to you next time next, the work is much, face about goes. I see consulting room doorway return somebody, with respect to the appearance that pretends to pull, the hand caught in her hip, she turns round immediately, look at me ferociously, dry? Should be the doctor checked? I say to be opposite, check is looked up is take yours seriously. Next the similar smile that I saw my wife did not see for years from her face, it is good that she says to wait for your disease, you give me the examination again, said to go… good, good, look ill became good must be checked really, right? You wolf is friendly, the article is the diary is similar, achieve formerly without add, absolutely and true ha. On May 21Building floor is ill, be a serious illness this really… do not know you wolf friend to passed yesterday how? How didn’t before two days of small dew look for me, estimate husband to come back to be in the home conjugal love? Made an appointment with bureau of a meal yesterday nevertheless, in an a slap-bang shop that often goes, looked for bag of a card to eat to nod Lu Cai. Talk about actuating pressure probably, she is the body that cares me how. Eat a meal she says to accompany her to go, 520, does she say you need not come home accompany wife? I say to want to accompany of course, nevertheless wife just came off work at 10 o’clock in the evening come back, alas, estimation still must make grain delivered to the state tonight. She is looked at when I talk, she is quite self-conscious also, lean actively on my arm. Next she says ” then you can be gotten today notice well, be no good fasten go for a walk, do you go back first? Give her a surprise? ” me from Shihualuo 19 numbers the world surprises two bought cygnet are taken among them, say this sends you, replace what my younger sister’s husband sends you when me. She says you go back send you wife, she does not want, I say old two what to send ah (the package that buys to wife) , be partly compliant to let her close. Because weather is hotter and hotter, park stroll turn also has 20 in the evening big a few degrees, I use the buttock that feels her secretly, feel she does not have revolt, do I say us there sit down to be met a little day? She groans one goes, the ground that sought a person that do not have what sat down. I also may be several days of actuating pressure big, sit on the chair to be her cuddle in the bosom directly, next the hand plays a tit into bust bodice with respect to a place of strategic importance, can feel she is afraid of a bit, but see to prevent others, she bends over to be conceived in me with respect to take advantage of an opportunity in. I am small younger brother is a bit hard, reckon she also felt, pull open slide fastener secretly, say next ” come to an agreement or understanding and you chat, how do 3 people chat now? ” I say then both of you chat, I am looked at, next she with respect to the side of gently I make an aircraft. Do not pass an act cannot too big, there still were a lot of people more at 8 o’clock after all, and though our position concealments but be also nobody course (does major person become us young lovers) I say both of you chat how? She says your little brother was spat quickly a little, do I say otherwise we do 4 people chat? Next another hand is felt from her short skirt upgrade, abrupt discovery is water unexpectedly, and without briefs, astonished a second about the same, next I say to celebrate a festival today your husband also do not come back to accompany you, I get sometime to say him well. She says not to carry him, his job is busy. I say you this does not wear pants pants to go into the street, be afraid of was pushed by cankered person? She says others is kind-hearted person, with respect to me cankered. I am then impolite. I two stay a hand temporarily, walk along a park to stand by a couch of lakefront, compare over there devious, the person is little also, advocate if the distance is other You Le establishment is far, very few somebody from here over- , most the most important is I and my wife had carried field gun here. I am sitting on the chair, she is facing me to sit on my body, the feeling suckles fragrance, do I say young lady elder sister can give the milk that feed a mouth? She says your this child, good obedient, drink a milk. Feeling a tit may be bitten by the child, very soft, but grow up won’t the thing of child absorb, I am sucked from beginning to end do not come out thing, she is holding a breast in the palm to eat to me with the hand. On sensory trousers drenched, look the female of lactation is sexual desire as expected exuberant ah, demur does not say, pull open pants catenary, insert directly. In the vagina wet slip clinking, it is sexual desire as expected exuberant, just inserted go in she changed with respect to the movement, holding my head in the arms, exert all his strength to fill in toward her breast, oneself are returned not dare phonate, I am taken office as move by herself, enjoy this feeling. Passed probably a minute, her come to an agreement or understanding is tired, you are not active move, I say then I am moved move you to be able to fasten phonate, she is especially lovely cover with two tactics mouth, the interest that I also do not know where to comes, hold her in the arms directly rose (had tried in the home and wife before, exceed laborious, but pleasure exceeds strong) , next the edge inserts an edge to go, take a chair from the back, let her both hands help up go up in chair back of a chair, again hind enter her, excessive water 4 when splashing, she asks me in a low voice suddenly, otherwise should try insert her fart eye, she says her work in the same placing says to have interest so (I like to do chrysanthemum not quite, although tighten a few, but without love fluid and vagina wriggle, defect what) , I also cannot refuse, do I say you and your husband had tried? She says, and when I mention her husband, she is apparent body deadlocked, the excessive water that I use her used hand fingertip to be done a little while in fart eye,武汉真正可以约的app she says she goes out wash clean (the wolf friend that does not know to play back door has experience, I am to do not have experience really) , I first little is inserted into a glans, she says to ache ache, you slowly, I say I still insert otherwise in front, she says not to want, slowly go, give birth to child Dou Song, I think those who tighten to let you play. I listen to this word within an inch of to did not keep back hold her in arms, my come to an agreement or understanding, gently insert, probably little tried to have one handleless cup, go in almost half, she says not so ached, you are moved slowly, next I begin back door of slow don’t go yet, at the same time finger returns what do not hold out to play her clitoris, prevent excessive water lane to do not have water abrade to the penis. Played a little while, she says eye playing fart is mixed like playing coquettish to force bright (former word) , I say that both sides divides move doing, draw out little younger brother to be inserted again in front, finger appreciates fart key point, like that rear wheel was changed probably 3, she says I wanted to come, I say to be no good, waited for me to say again, she said that she cannot help. I say you cannot help also wanting to be being borne, otherwise later your climax of your husband Piao I not Piao. She was borne forcedly be less than 5 seconds, she said that she cannot help, you let elder brother I come, let my climax, I this moment still is making fart key point, say, let me see your ability, suddenly, finger feels the vagina is contractive a few times apparently, next a warm current comes down down finger shedding… can’t afford to lose the opportunity is broken come no longer, I am inserted into directly just the vagina of the climax, very close, drape exceeds many, was being inserted gently is extremely frank, she said not to work, be overcome a little while climax, sound is not controlled a bit. This is done like I and rapist, because such, smoke those who insert is very fast, , most 10 seconds, I am washed-up, as a result a seminal fluid is shot completely. This is awkward! ! I am holding her in the arms rapidly, sit on the chair, go out to do not make seminal fluid smooth, still let her sit chicken is used before me cling to insert inside, although contract decrescent, but can stem at least dot, I ask her official holiday to time calculates to her calculate safety period. She says you are fed up with really, dry shoot, do I say not well? She says feel well, but be pregnant how to do? She cannot betray husband, her husband loves her very much, I say I calculate to you calculate safety period, after I calculated, discover this is safety period the 3rd day next, teach her how to calculate incidentally (after striving for safety period inside shoot) . Do not have next next, holding her in the arms to rest a little while, see the appearance estimation with her soft leg also did not have empty stroll to bend, I accompany her to return mouth of back door of area of her wife and children, she said not to send, does sometime have a meal together again? How do I say to eat chicken together does she say you can not so be fed up with? I say I send you, she said not to want, be seen bad. I peek secretly beside nobody, kissed her to say then I went readily secretly. She says children just plays this kind of work. (actually in her heart dark bright) I say temperature is higher recently, you notice to because become lukewarm,must not catch a cold, influence child. She says to know, later the child is sick I am family doctor. Do I say where has so cheap family doctor? How many money does your plan give me? She says you one mouth (the meaning of a slap on the face) . Let me go rapidly next, be seen by others bad. Do not have next next, come home wife came home in the evening, come to first 5200 red bag, after fooling small ancestor to sleep, chat a little with wife, seek the perception of young moment. Feel accordingly next, accompanied wife to play a little while well, after all wife just loves most. Today also is strange, when my fast is shot, wife says you are shot, we want a child again, I also the word does not say more, hand in completely directly went in… (hand in fortunately went in, otherwise she can see for certain the little incorrect interest that shoot) entertaining wife next, insert inside so slept…The following day namely this morningWife catchs a cold… I catch a cold… the child catchs a cold…Wife: ?  of  of pacify of  of  of boundless and indistinct of delay of ∶ of  of exuviate of honest of smelt metal correct makes fun of ㄐ to jump over arm of bright of  of shape of Hui encouraging Wan. ? My: ? Stop broadleaf plant car? Child: ? Does Man of Jia of  of Mao of  of  of Pa of  of apology of Fu unoccupied place border make an appointment with nuclear  to call out cruel domesticate Hui to sigh does Bi make fun of  car? …Hope wolf is friendly 520 joy, 521 happier…The text is absolutely and actual, if have duplicate, do not have a likelihood absolutelyLate on May 26The cold is really bored, dilatory all the time good not. Wife looks after children on the weekend go to classmate home playing, leave me one person is special. Do not have a thing to chat a little with respect to He Xiaolou, general weekend is to won’t look for her (her husband is in the home on the weekend) , but really dull, catch a cold because of the family again a week, buddhist monastic discipline prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan a week thinks a bit, the head on sperm talks about two. She looks for an excuse to go to a supermarket shopping, run to accompany me to eat a dinner (accompany really eat, oneself do not eat) . Chose a quieter Chinese meal office this, have 4 people packet. She asks disease directly how, do I say my conversation nasal is so heavy do you still listen not to come out? She says you this is small body is no good, I say to be no good all right you still do not know. Pulled an egg a little while, she begins to say her husband just did her yesterday, do I say to feel pretty good? She explains to did not let his husband get in by the back door designedly. (I open back door) the leg that I feel her, because be knickers, can extend from trouser legs only go in a bit, briefs was worn inside, looking is to do not have plan and me to play today. She takes my hand, say to be troubled by, still come home a little while, come to an agreement or understanding she accompanies husband on the weekend, because I became ill,be ability comes out to see me designedly, must not monkey business. See her so honest, I also have a meal quietly, one face is not happy everybody can see. Passed a little while, her estimation also sees I am grouchy, say old man is really persnickety, still got angry. Next she pulls my hand to touch a breast, explain the day goes looking for me. I show day of my justice examine, affirm those who do not have time not to cross me to also did not let go, tease her tit slowly, feel hyperaemia is harder and harder. How do I say you know to treat a cold? Does she say to take medicine? Yourself is not a doctor. I say actually the cold passes others, oneself are good, of otherwise help the needy and relieve the distressed do you help? She says to roll a margin, I just do not save you, save you to go again damage person ah? I pull her with respect to what be partly compliant sat down beside me, although there still is sauce on mouth, see her do not object nevertheless or the kiss rose (before she objects kissing all the time, the mouth is give husband) , she was pushed did not push me, say to call her to come out to treat a disease to give me with respect to mutter to oneself, who is a doctor? I rise a packet door lock, see her blush to sit redly on sofa next, took off her knickers in the past, inside the briefs of pink is drenched, as expected young married woman contains movability condition. I also am a bit actuation, direct trousers unlock, very before strong is placed in her face directly, small dew tongue is extended will lick, say smelly died. I say ham bowel is not smelly, soft collapse those who collapse are you used? She or give me darlingly the opening, it seems is with her husband was done not quite yesterday, most mouth a minute, say her below too wet, what answer even a little while, I look about the same, briefs also did not let her take off, pull directly inserted aside go in, inside wet slip clinking, excessive moisture secrete is very much, the dress also did not let her take off, rise bust bodice hold up directly, catching a tit to be done directly. Begin her or shutting mouth save one’s breath, after changing the posture that bends over into the dog later, she did not live with respect to control, continuously groans. I look about the same, the water that use excessive and finger were buckled a little in her chrysanthemum, quite clean. She said to before going out today, be washed, it is to want to let my get in by the back door as expected. Unplug inserts back door, send closely, because excessive water is enough much, the feeling inserts chrysanthemum to slip closely again again, special bright. Because we just prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan friend concerns probably (small letter she says we change doctors and patients to concern, I say is relation of friendly doctors and patients of prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun) , my pressing ro武汉夜网论坛QEQot also was not thinking special tenderness, doing chrysanthemum directly, finger is inserting the vagina, disrelish later too troublesome, let herself feel his, feel appearance is quite strange. So dry a few minutes of her estimation are the fast climax that feels a clitoris, him body begins to tremble, chrysanthemum and vagina begin systole, I also am gust pleasure, give directly shoot chrysanthemum in…She bends over not to let me touch on sofa, say too sensitive now, touch with respect to the climax. I blame the strange briefs her to be pulled to her, let seminal fluid be being blocked up in her chrysanthemum. Crossed her a little while to say you are fed up with really, shoot so much to be inside, briefs is drenched. I say that was taken off, does smooth move go? She says smooth move is seen lose a the dead. I say to do not have a thing, besides I and your husband, people looks namely. She says to did not allow, did not allow her which days to let others try. I say then you call me certainly, my view and emulate one. She says scram, joking, I am not the sort of person. I see her briefs or wet move was put on, say to be no good do we go buying to be worn newly? She says need not, in case was over by husband discovery, she does not want to divorce, she loves his Balabala very much, I am listening irritated. Buy sheet to go out send her to come home, on board I am forcing she gives me mouth a little while, the feeling that the sort of in the mouth containing exceeds a club, because just had been shot,do not pass, did not shoot this. Send near her home, she goes facilitating inn bought dot snacks and drink, hit an accost to go back with me, explain the day still looks for me. I show day of my justice examine, you are taking the child to look, be no good I take her to do a comprehensive check-up. Is the doctor that she says that check-up also mixed are you euqally lubricious? I say to compare me look became much, it is the old women of 449. Made a few nonsense again, she went back. Return the home in the evening, discover nasal is light, the cold is fast also good, make love as expected be beneficial to cure? Small letter asks small dew how, does she say to do not have a thing? I say to thank cure, my fast is good. Died her joy, say to also can treat a disease so, we these doctors are gotten starved to death. The text is absolutely and actual, if have duplicate, absolutely impossible. Justice examine is lazy write two, the feeling can teach evolution of direction of slave of small dew tropism gradually now, the friend that ask a wolf follows Tie Liaoliao, should use what means or method, pose of which kinds of sexual love or means let her enter the state of sexual slave as soon as possible? 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