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Those years武汉夜生活论坛, the Yun of dawn of incomplete wing butterfly of those people (on) [achieve a hair formerly]

Those years, the Yun of dawn of incomplete wing butterfly of those people (on) [achieve a hair formerly]Today’s memoir, leading role is Yun of elder sister dawn. Say the word outside bring out the theme first. If you saw a few cards before, the appearance that can discover I describe a woman student is temperamental, general meeting says she resembles such-and-such star. You may say this brother blind boast, how is the great beauty of star level beside the likelihood, actually my purpose lets everybody there can be a figure in brain immediately namely, star long what kind of everybody knows after all. For instance I tell you, the compere Yi that Xiao Na resembles Zhejiang stage a bit one, appearance temperament of Xiao Yun is similar now very songbird Yu Wenwen of fire, everybody is immediately canGetTo them probably about? They have the Yan Zhi with so fast star impossibly of course really, so everybody calls a discount by oneself in the heart. Subject says below. After coming back from native place, I entered an United States endowmentITEnterprise, this company enters China to have a few years only at that time, business is rising quickly period, welfare pay is first-rate. Municipal government to strive for this foreign capital, a ground gave in environs. The company is further from the urban district, to go to the lavatory, I live in the employee dormitory in company garden area. My boss is Malaysia Chinese, my working manner won his appreciate, probation ended to increase my wage. Taking a pay money that gives in the home, add a bank to mortgage, I bought boarding house of high level of a seascape inside city. The house was bought before long, one day Xiao Yun makes my mobile telephone from native place, since I leave home town after year, we had not contacted small in the past half an year, she says to want to come a house is bought to make investment in city. She listens to my Mom to say I just bought a house, want to let me help her staff officer. I did not think of my Mom and Xiao Yun to still go up a little, because I am written down,my parents says person of Home Guo Xiaona is ritzy. After spending the New Year so before long, son of 4 years old suffers from Xiao Yun suddenly pneumonic, high fever is not retreated, the brine of prefectural hospital condole that sends me maternal work, at that time spring flu height, hospital bed is nervous, a lot of patients can sleep in corridor only add a bed, my Mom be apt to of this popular feeling, look not to get dot to meet with blame, vacate the duty room her son is done temporarily ward. Wait for child defect became good Xiao Yun carried a gift to go to my home thanksing, in the course of contacts, my Mom and dawn Yun so became a friend. Xiao Yun laughs in the phone, say my Mom disposition is lovely like the child, it how is good to say with her I work, still bought new house, it is to want to help me seek outer part apparently. Xiao Yun later if really the car that builds an unit comes to city in, when the colleague goes handling affairs, the place that she runs to agree looks for me. Although Xiao Yun is long hair wave, female fellow is however on disposition, conversation is candid and humorous. She sees me, held a few times on the arm on my body, she says she thinks I am met gaunt for love, the result saw me still bear fruit many. I had begun to go daily at that time gym Lu iron, xiao Yun also likes fitness, so this is a our collective topic. I had checked a car at that time this, rented the friend’s car, the Yun that take dawn goes to those is in rambling the building of carry out dish, colour of sky gradually late I two tired, have a meal with respect to the decision first, because I have firm dining room all the time, also do not know which eating house is fine, still went finally that seafood eating house that I and Xiao Na often go to before. I am in at that time add muscle, easy hunger, menu did not look to choose course, does Xiao Yun say you often come to this eating house? I say to this lives before me, I am in this village namely year ago the car that waits for you goes back those who spend the New Year, are you written down do not remember? At that time Xiao Yun oh did not talk. When having a m武汉养生放水推荐2020eal, the room that I say to I am bought just made the key, xiao Yun says excitement says then we eat a meal to look. I say to had been not decorated, later also now. Xiao Yun insists to want to go, saying is summer the day is black late, had better experience a help on the spot today she will make the decision that buy a house tomorrow. Ate dinner, we drive went I buy the seaside that building of the room dish. I two sit elevator goes upstairs into the room, the room was not decorated do not have the lamp so, the lunar illumination of the window and balcony comes in a bit light, can look matter constrainedly. Do not know you have this kind of experience, when the environment that the men and women closes in darkness is in alone, atmosphere can become very ambiguous, in the room very empty swing very quiet, I two can hear even voice of breath of the other side. Xiao Yun appears to also feel somewhat, say for fun, our house is really pretty good. Because see the process of the room today in, almost young ladies of all carry out building think we are sweethearts or husband and wife, the house that you want whatever one speaks, to later I two be disinclined to explain. At that time her mobile phone rang, she says to me, do not talk first. Next she receives the telephone call rise, the phone can listen that going out is a female voice, it is the colleague that comes along with her is hit so tell her to live tonight which hotel. Ring off, xiao Yun is laughing to say, want to let my work in the same placing hear I and a man to be together, with respect to flooey. I say, if I two see a building together today dish be seen, the message sends old home, do not know to be able to be passed into what appearance. Xiao Yun says, those people say native place for certain hello skill, sister two was cheated by you. Me two edges laugh to open the window at the same time, let the fresh air outside and ocean wave sound come in fully, stand on the balcony next recumbent baluster talks. Sea wind is very relaxed, the offing of far can see the dot chooses wave light, xiao Yun stands by me, long hair flutters, side face beauty is colourful cannot honest other people, bosom rises and fall slightly, but I dare be not stared at look. Xiao Yun plainted to say here is too romantic, you look in the future on which girl, should take her to here to profession. Next Xiao Yun asks I begin to look for a girlfriend, I say to want to spell a career to want to still be mortgaged now, raise do not have a girlfriend. Xiao Yun says, I feel you must forget Xiao Na first. I say I had been put down. Xiao Yun says, a moment ago had a meal the picture that when you pay Zhang, I see there is my younger sister in your purse. Your otherwise was thrown, I help otherwise you return her. I did not talk, xiao Yun says, married before long before my younger sister, do you know? I say I heard of. Xiao Yun says, home Xiaowu arranged good job in the county to her. I say that is good, later photograph husband godchild, back and belly does not have care. Xiao Yun says, I feel you such position is better. I say, should your means Xiao Na choose me at that time? Xiao Yun says, she had chosen you actually, just the pressure of both sides family is too great, can abandon only. After leaving bridal chamber, I send Xiao Yun to go hotel, company living quarter too far, I go to friend home put up with one evening. The following day, I received Xiao Yun to prepare to see a building again dish, she said to need not look, that building that buys me dish on the side of put on sale 2 period, and should choose seascape unit, next I two go with rocket speed the selling office did to buy room formalities, next I send Xiao Yun to seek her work in the same placing. On the road Xiao Yun says pain two days this I, helped her handle a major issue. I say to spend the New Year rapidly you care moment many thanks me, chat with you very happy, mood of my this half an year is done not have so feel well. What I say is truth, I live this half an year dormitory, company, dining room, gym the life like the ascetic practices monk of 4.1 line, can have a meal with the belle chat, really very glad. After Xiao Yun answers a county, regular meeting of classics of moment going to work calls or useQQLook for me to chat, the word that uses her says, stay in that small town, backwater, work in the same place all round and person of conversable of friend neither one, stifle of person hold back. The problem is very daily if we chat, fitness, music, learn the experience of the car, investment conduct financial transactions, informal whats can rise a little, also talk about affection topic occasionally, not thorough nevertheless. When spending the New Year, although because was mixed last year,Xiao Na’s thing suffers native place the censure of a lot of people, but to see my pa Mom, I still go back spent the New Year, think back to now of course rise perhaps in the heart subconscious also infer Xiao Yun. When I give a station, xiao Yun is being exported unexpectedly wait for me, I was done very the expre武汉夜网论坛DLssion of exaggerated surprise, her great laughs. She says she asked me Mom, know I take this time of car. She sees our bank Libuduo, say I carry you to come home. I say you are not afraid of gossip be seeinged, she says she does not have method, the moment that buy a house owes my favor must to still go up. When getting on a car, she still is that sentence ” the hand gives me custom point! ” , I say, good. Get on hand empty cuddle in her waist next, she had turned round to do an angry expression to say, you want dead. Motor start off, before time seems to be returned again one year, she sends me to come home that night. Different is she wore hat of a wool, hair dish in the cap, resemble no longer last in that way rinse in my neck, the biggest of course the shadow of the Xiao Na in the heart that differring is me already slowly weak. Return the home, my parents has done the meal, my Mom leaves Xiao Yun to have a meal together, I can look reach, their relation is very good really, must come a little very much, my Mom asks Xiao Yun is mixed now Xiaoliu is become reconciled. Before ability knows she and her man, I had had brawl before long. Xiao Yun hopes to move the home in city in the future, the house that buys newly is taken come from. She is preferred lively, like the view of the seaside. Xiao Yun’s husband hates to part with his official in bureau of prefectural cable industry with the future, do not be willing to transfer the work in city to come, his opinion is decorated the house that buys newly rental, buy a house to be able to give this city number of households and total population at that time, he plans to entrust development business to sell sent registered permanent residence directly. Xiao Yun considers to leave his child number of households and total population however, in case her husband is brought into play do not do, the child is a few bigger she herself can accompany him to read city key elementary school and middle school, pave a road in the future for his. I remind Xiao Yun, if she and such her husband are about,two ground lived apart. She says she hopes to coerce with this he goes doing the job to bring into play. I say to move the home to big city, the starting point that the child grows is high, good of course, but I also persuade her to say husband and wife quarrels because of this undeserved, estate market is valued at that time, hand in a room to if sold room pass on,also can earn many money later. Xiao Yun’s disposition very gruff, I and my Mom persuade her to do not have the effect. Also fortunately she insists not to agree to sell, xiao Yun bought two houses again in the around in city later, every market prise is in these 3 houses now400~50010 thousand. Proving selling is her is very well-advised. Spend the New Year this I compare established practice, did not go out billow, become in the home curtilage male accompany my parents. Xiao Yun comes to my home to pay a New Year call look for my Mom to chat of what, I whole journey is done accompany. My Mom returns the area that becomes me and dawn Yun boast to say, I just answered city after year last year in, before me there is a schoolgirl to hear I am lovelorn on high school class, run technically still to my home to look for me. Who is I ask, my Mom cannot say name. Dawn Yun takes this thing to make fun of later I many times, say I am too slow, was liked not to know by the schoolgirl. During spending the New Year, I get on come across in the ave Xiao Na. My street shops in edge variety shop at that time, she and her mom had gone from street edge together, shined in inn of my go toing, she did not see me. Xiao Na has had apparent pregnancy at that time, the person is fat also many. These are the words outside the problem, did not say more. City is returned after year in, parents aided financially me again a bit money, add the past one year myself is accumulated a bit, I had decorated that bought house, that building that Xiao Yun buys also is about to seal a top. I maintain with Xiao Yun all the time during this chat on the line. As the drawing near that hands in room period, the frequency that their husband and wife quarrels is like much also, when chatting, I can feel Xiao Yun occasionally special not happy. That year of summer because I am behaved very good, be given priority to to be in charge of by promotion, abroad headquarters attended to groom, by a definite date2. When going back to the motherland, the boss indicates me to stay a few days in Shanghai, because Shanghai has an important client,serve to ours dissatisfactory, complained company high level. The boss lets me know particular case as far as possible, negotiate a solution with the guest next. This thing does not put in me ‘s charge to be in charge of originally, belong to temporarily draft sb for a particular task, the boss says he can let a secretary help me change airline ticket, the public house that still can help me order Shanghai ends to on the weekend, the meaning is the thing did me to be able to stay in Shanghai to play well on the weekend, week bout will go to work. Went to Shanghai to see a client, be scolded very miserably, and still scold for what the colleague of other department endures, how is the clear boss that it is what opposite my this ability I am so easy, it is to compensate me this carries boiler a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct on the back so. The high-level administrator there sees favour good client my sincerity is full, be willing to cooperate to arrange the issue with us solve. I return a public house afternoon, because give national capital to did not have He Xiaoyun to contact,remember this paragraph of time, be inQQShe searchs on, call her office with hotel phone, cannot find. Made her mobile telephone again, she was received, I say I just came back from abroad. She sees my telephone number say, I am in Shanghai, how are you Shanghai. I say the company lets me be away on official business temporarily, she says I and husband quarrel so a person walks beguilement. I say the thing that teachs for house and child, her sound begins to choke with sobs, say his husband is done in disorder outside. I also do not know how to be comforted at that time, I say I live such-and-such guesthouseXxxRoom. I do not go now, because want afternoon,with boss electrify word the report works. You come over to look for me, the edge has dinner to chat by the side of us. Make a telephone call with the boss, knock with respect to somebody before long, xiao Yun is pulling boot to stand in the doorway, expression desolate, color is dark heavy, your popular feeling aches. I let her come in rapidly sit down, ask what job she gave after all? Xiao Yun hesitated to say, one day on his husband briefs a lot of secretion discover when she washs the dress, examine minutely under just know his husband goes the other place is away on official business, malty wine goes sauna after the dinner party, after looking for a young lady, caught venereal, dirty stuff grew on genital, hear here I ate one Jing really, await me to still do not have addle in those days, go whoring venereal this kind of thing is very distant still to me. I ask Xiao Yun she also was infected, xiao Yun says she was not infected, because her husband discovers him,next bodies rotted look for excuse not to live sexual life all the time. She blushed, say him already a many month did not touch her, he lies between period of time before 3 difference 5 run the other place is away on official business, it is to go actually the other place gives or take an injection, dare not be in this locality hospital, be afraid of be known by acquaintance oneself were gotten venereal. Xiao Yun says him all the time very be fed up with him to often drink outside dinner party the late night just comes home, 30Many years old had gotten fatty liver, even if without this grade issue, the body also can break down. This also is why she hopes the family is moved in city, do not want him to become officer of what sesame seed. I ask she does not return a married woman’s parents’ home this for what, want to come to Shanghai. She says she is hiding the truth from this thing person of a married woman’s parents’ home, because Xiao Na just gave birth to the child to be in a married woman’s parents’ home is confined, and she and relation of elder brother’s wife are bad, do not want to let her see joke. I am in abroad at that time, the female classmate that she is close friends only is in Shanghai, run Shanghai came. I see Xiao Yun say at the same time at the same time tear is in orbit revolve, I am intended branch off topic, say for fun, you move even impediment, this is to should live together with me, here has two pieces of beds, live to fall really. Before Xiao Yun says two days of stay overnight at sb else’s place are in home of high school classmate, shanghai person is common housing is very small, lived a few days very uncomfortable, feel too troublesome at the same time family, also want to be moved originally look for an abode additionally. She thinks I liveXXGuesthouse is common small guesthouse, will just know is luxurious5Astral hotel, a moment ago asked in old hall downstage, room of a double mark a day700Many, she comes out hastily, what cash takes is not much, live not to rise really. I say I stay to this weekday in Shanghai, the food subsidy that our company is away on official business is very high, how does a person eat not to eat, have a meal the problem wraps me. I consider the issue that live method. That moment has approached dinner time, I ask Xiao Yun otherwise wants to have bit of thing first. Xiao Yun says she wants to take a bath first, I am afraid that she feels disadvantageous, go asking to drive the business of the room downstage with respect to next buildings. Downstage if,little younger sister says many a room, the consultative price that can press our company gives, but the human affairs department that wants our company calls to the hotel deal with, and now remnant president flatlet, night1200Piece. I gave a hotel to turn near, the summer is travel busy season at that time, the hotel all repletion of price moderate. Return a room, the dress that discovers dawn Yun dress has been changed was asleep on the bed. She reckons it is good to did not eat good to did not sleep these days, tired terrible. And I pour time difference at that time, afternoon5Nodding the left and right sides is the tireddest when, see others sleeps, oneself also eyelid fights, was asleep in another piece of bed insensibly. Had not known how long do I awake, one goggle, outside the window already inky one, a berth lamp in house is shining, in the sky can see the bed opposite side do not have one person, a bit muddled at that time, had Xiao Yun gone? I get out of bed rapidly, cried ” Yun elder sister ” . The head of dawn Yun smell that makes up in toilet at that time says, do you wake? My horse is superior, we go out to have a meal. See a table, still do not arrive fortunately8Dot. After a many hour, I two from type of a day cafeteria is helping a wall up to come out, the process that have a meal with respect to skip over, my two complete to alimental taste coincide, love seafood and fish, so in major while mouth crowded food, have eyes communication only, ah. I remind Xiao Yun to say she sleeps tonight where had I not done calm, otherwise wants four have enough to meet need to turn, feed when disappear taking a walk? Next I two go all the time along the shopping mall, see intermediate hotel goes in ask. The result is not too expensive it is repletion, th武汉茶友论坛UJe sort of small hotel in roadside lane is looked at insecure my firm agrees with Xiao Yun to go anything but. Xiao Yun says that he cannot be found calculated, I two afternoon one person a piece of bed sleeps quite well. Am I laughing to say you are so trustful I? I can not be the sort of can take the homosexual when boudoir honey. Xiao Yun did not receive a sentence, does she say to dare accompany me to drink? I two went a bar. After going in, discover this is the sort of emotional appeal bar, a candle, steal in desk edge to sweethearts steal murmurous the sort of, I think adjourn at that time, xiao Yun asked to beer has cocktail, she says, wine is drunk went, here environment is good, with respect to here. Xiao Yun is in delicious good full blood is to revive after sleeping, below candle power one pair of beautiful eye look around unripe brightness, I say I remember high school time her stagewise how resplendent, she listened very glad. After one cup receives a cup I two loosened thoroughly, the look that I see her is a bit wanton, xiao Yun’s lip compares the flesh to feel, the mouth that when she talks, I cannot help staring at her all the time looks. She also should notice, take goblet to drink from time to time interrupt my my look. Xiao Yun asks me Xiao Na is the first my cummer, I say is, xiao Yun asks I and her younger sister has that after all. . I say how Xiao Na says with you, xiao Yun says: Xiao Na says of course. I say then, do not have really, we were not broken by you to that one pace. Xiao Yun says, so be say you or in male? I see her embarrassedly burst out laughing. She says my Mom once said to hope look for a partner in marriage looks for what like her this plants one after me. I am very serious the ground says, if have resemble you such maiden girl, I can chase after certainly. I two said I remember a lot of words now not quite clear, I became old driver now, had resembled the film turning over that one act euqally later, apparently Xiao Yun is awaited in those days had had very strong good opinion to me, hold up hair likes when for instance she and I talk, for instance she does not mind to have limbs contact with me, can use what hand lay a finger on carries and so on on the back after my arm innocently of purpose even. Do not cross me this respect does not have experience at that time, these signal were missed by me. Late at night, cylinder of my two ice cream visits a public house. I have a place half drunk, xiao Yun is looked at soberer than me, the woman that our home town comes out can be drunk very much, ah. Xiao Yun says her communications center cool entered toilet so. The clothing and other articles of daily use that I seek me at the same time is listening at the same time in the bathroom underwater acoustic, have bit of capricious. When Xiao Yun comes out, be to apparel unexpectedly orderly, feel to unplug in the heart at that time cool unplug cool. Look in the film those female advocate the bridge that wrapping bath towel to come out to let go to the man next paragraph deceive people. Next I bathe brush one’s teeth. Wait for me to come out, light of a small dark left only in the room, dawn Yun back lies in her to my side on that piece of bed motionless, do not know to be asleep. I lie on my bed to shut have sth in mind in darkness, xiao Yun the breathing sound there is faint transmit, since Xiao Na leave me, I had been done not have one many year and the opposite sex manages one room together in darkness. Of course, be in last the seaside has similar feeling with Xiao Yun in my new building. Can be imagined, I am not stranded at that time because of the reason of time difference originally, after the makes love before setting since memory, there is Xiao Yun again on the side, I slept to be not worn thoroughly. After flapjack breaking up a few times on the bed, my to walk gingerly rises go the stage looks for water to drink, at that time Xiao Yun sits up on the bed called my name, I say to I am sorry rapidly make a noise you woke, I am thirsty the water that drink a dot. Dark Zhong Xiaoyun says, wine is drunk much I am thirsty also, help me take a bottle. I took bottle water to walk along her bedside, did not think of her of bang to twist berth lamp shined. I have the habit of naked sleep actually, be in because of Xiao Yun tonight, I must wear a briefs, a moment ago slept to be not worn of capricious, the beat in crotch has one big group. Half genuflect is in Xiao Yun on the bed, leg and buttock are wrapped in the quilt, but the night clothes that the upper part of the body wore material of a silk to pledge, the wife sleeps not to wear bust bodice, there are two spinouses before the bosom so apparent raised. I two stayed at that time a few seconds, similar reach the place that has light suddenly from darkness, the eye is incommensurate so the person is at a loss a bit. I still consider reaction fast, take advantage of an opportunity sits to her bedside, the bosomy bag in such crotch is so not apparent, xiao Yun had received water to drink a big, I feel she is to pretend to be quiet, she asks I sleep to be not worn. My heart wants dead to die, I say I like you. She is red as a result face was held on my arm gently. At that time I still do not understand that is fool. I stretch my hand to hold her in the arms in the bosom immediately, she trembled all over, want to push me, I had fallen on her body, next my two long kisses that enrage nevertheless fully namely. My tongue is seamed from her lip and tine desperately in extend the mouth that enters her in, she also drastically responds to me. In darkness I two did not talk, pester the tongue desperately together namely. Kissed, she hm hm two, the Shang Liuyi in my brain nods bit of Pure Brightness, know to cannot be used strong, do not know she can be patient after all I accomplish which one step. I rise from her body, she sits up partly involved berth lamp, come over to kiss again next went up my mouth. Kissed a breast that I extend the hand in her dress to touch her, her breast is not big not small, a hand can master the sort of, I take off her dress, lick her tit wholeheartedly, neck, after ear, her whoop is bigger and bigger, I extend the hand in her waist of trousers, she is captured to death to death do not let me extend go in. My unwilling to give up, the briefs that she wears is the sort of silk of loose style, the mouth of two trouser legs is very big, I am extended from a trouser legs with respect to handle go in, her private parts is already so satiny that her private parts want to 武汉夜生活网论坛027桑拿pour out of water to come, the private part that feels her at that time is very special, seem to feel posse tender tender soft flesh, feel under one shake of dawn Yun body, the briefs that begins to lying between me next feels my penis. It is already hard at that time be like iron, I 29 come down briefs pedal, xiao Yun points to with her satiny hand above Lu is moved rise. Above wet kiss, below each other is felt, crossed me a little while to felt to be overcome, I part with respect to the two legs Xiao Yun, carry glans on the head on leaf. She seems to sleep lightly suddenly, cover with the hand private parts says, do not insert go in. I although meaning is random,affection is confused at that time, but also know to cannot force her, did not prepare to cover at that time, be afraid of in case let her be pregnant to be bothered. So I bend over to go up personally in Xiao Yun, she the penis that two ham are placing me, my mouth looked for her lip again. Kissed, her ham is seamed in more and more slippery, my penis always can find mouth of a cave of that peach source it seems that, go to instinctively li of top. Xiao Yun lets me sit up, her cuddle is worn my neck bestride is on my body, she is chafing with labium my penis fluctuates slowly quake, this my feeling wants be raised to the skies, although was not inserted,go in, but feeling the sort of wet slippery feeling and sexual intercourse are about the same. She is ground up and down at the same time at the same time the mouth that ground kisses me and neck, my hand also does not have at a loose end, twist gently the tit that moving her. She is being taken breath to say in my side side, comfortable? I say, I like Yun elder sister very much you. She sighed gently, gave me a soul kiss. That one night, although Xiao Yun did not let me enter her body, she still let me blast off comfortably twice, I two wake partly in half dream in hand in tangled very long, was asleep befuddledly next. The following day my watch is troubled by me wake, I remember the de

tail that strike calm plan finally with the client today even. Rose with respect to ground of to walk gingerly. Xiao Yun still is sleeping (she says she feels very awkward later, do not think goggle) , I think, if she feels awkward word, may choose to look for a place additionally to live, then I borrow my bank write down card to be taken, put in the head of a bed together with a brief note. The extraction that I wrote check on brief note fund code, say next inside have thousands of, calculate those who lend you help sb to deal with an emergency. Last night is very good memory to me, I am too actuation hope you are excused. Next I say me afternoon2~3The dot is met come back, if still can see you, I will be very glad. Imperceptible already fast8000Word, must come to an end continue again next time. Do not want to write so much originally, but matting is indispensable, detail is a devil,武汉养生论坛同城 without detail this paragraph of my experience is truthless. Believe to have the person of rich life experience, saw the thing that I write, should not suspect its authenticity. Xiao Yun’s story did not end, compare before this on half part a few more depressing, but this also is the thing that does not have method. I strive for below half part fleshy play is written a few more finely, if everybody is encouraged to me more. Why should series have this name as to this, everybody saw nature of below half part understand. You also can be in leave a message the area is guessed. You also can be in leave a message the area is guessed.. This card is final by Cecup at 2018-8-23 00:38 editors8 editorsGrading records this note recentlyAdjoining LaowangGold coin+ 100Wonderful article hopes good-bye brother blows hard2018-8-23 13:56Adjoining LaowangFormer achieve+ 1Wonderful article hopes good-bye brother blows hard2018-8-23 13:56Adjoining LaowangContribute+ 2Wonderful article hopes good-bye brother blows hard2018-8-23 13:56