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The elder sister of Xiaoyu of army elder brother’s wife of my past in the government organization [ac武汉加微信约200一晚hieve a hair formerly]

The elder sister of Xiaoyu of army elder brother’s wife of my past in the government organization [achieve a hair formerly]Before I was here to be shared with everybody more than 10 years before a few months, I peep to lead the experience that makes love in the office and lover to the unit, at long last time is written down then today, the support that the hope can continue to get authority and edition advocate encourage. Peep Director Wu and his small lover makes love in the office the stimulation with the sort of brought intense mentally never passes, light of belle skirt ahull peeps to also be stimulated very much during the university, do not cross intensity to go up or differred one big chunk. Exciting while my deep also fear after the event, if accidentally drop drops building, perhaps be discovered by the director, my life or professional future with respect to put up with this is terminative. In the period of time after that, work in the computer room in the evening occasionally, a武汉夜生活桑拿论坛网lthough see head office is bright light, know they tryst inside, although want to watch true person show again very much, also dare not climb to peep to air-conditioner again after all however. Claver does not say more, although I go to work do not have a few months, but because I am a favourite by sb in power in Director Wu eye, my disposition is intercourse of more optimistic love that kind, mix very quickly the old and young in the unit is mixed very soundly. The youth in the unit is not much, the Xiaoyu elder sister of financial department probably 30 years old, my that moment is 23 years old, I two be with age person, become the friend that must come a little very much very quickly so. Actually class of my the first sky noticed her, she grows so that resemble Yuan Quan a bit, eye socket is deeper, big eye, facial features is stereoer, short hair, the skin is basked in very healthily the sort of wheat is lubricious, build is not a meter tall 6 the left and right sides, she is thinner, bosom is looked at not big also, but her double leg is particularly fruity and erect, the buttock becomes warped again greatly again, my this person loves quite ripe female, it is to become warped buttock and ham accuse, the belle that although she is not the sort of traditional sense,goes up so, I still feel she is especially other and sexy. Xiaoyu elder sister had married, her husband is a company commander of army, the city that place where troops are stationed is in from us probably more than 100 kilometers. I had seen her husband, age estimation is bigger than her many, look at very frank. Two people have a daughter of two years old. Because husband often is not in the home, she a person besides should take care of a daughter, take care of even almost the mother-in-law of blindness, army elder brother’s wife is special really not easy, I am right at that time the sort of her feeling, should be jumbly move likes, feel distressed and respect. Await me in those days lone, stay in the dormitory of the unit so, the economy that the index that Xiaoyu elder sister is trust interest center buys is applicable room, so I two live in same a village, xiaoyu elder sister knows I am lone do not cook, always eat quick meal outside, can ask me to have a meal occasionally, I can buy some of cooked food beer to go to her home. Her husband now and then be in the home, but her mother-in-law always is in the home, so I also am in alone with more than elder sister without how many opportunity all the time, nevertheless the word says, more than elder sister is special stick-in-the-mud, if there are she and daughter only in the home, she came to avoid doing anything that may arouse suspicion to won’t ask me certainly. In the unit, we very naturally uses sister younger brother proportional, I at that time, can feel more than elder sister is very good to my impression, care me very much, but I do not have too much love experience, courage small, the accusation that destroys army marriage I am very be afraid of, so I a can passive make a move treat one condition. I compare intimate contact exclusively with more than elder sister, it is to face close the end of the year, organization of government organization as usual dines together in the hotel, because more than elder sister has been compared for popularity, what the person grows is beautiful also, and because I am the technical backbone that director key fosters, so I two was forced to drink a lot of cups of wine. Dine together ended me to call a taxi, call on more than elder sister and additionally two colleagues to answer a village together. After other staff gets off first, reached home of more than sister downstair, at that time I two drink a bit more, more than elder sister lets me go upstairs sober up of the tea that drink a dot, I want to also did not want to agree. The lamp of corridor is bad, have a few buildings inky, I know more than elder sister has bit of nyctalopia, lose sight of a road, grabbing her hand all the time, she also lets me so catching. Took her door, discovered her mother-in-law and daughter to had slept in the room, more than elder sister should be to drink much wine, make water is urgent, run immediately into the door toilet passes water, her home area is very small, the lamplight in the sitting room is very dark, although lose sight of toilet,I sit on sofa in, can hear her to pass water clearly however moment washs rice of drop of the sound of rain underwater acoustic, do not know how, hearing this voice, the about of the tender leaf of private parts pink of more than elder sister, come out now in the float in my brain immediately, although I never had seen actually, but in my brain already meaning excessive 100 thousand, the little younger brother inside my crotch becomes immediately thick hard, after more than elder sister comes out from toilet, I sit on sofa to dare not stand up. Wake to do not make a noise her mother-in-law, gangmaster of more than elder sister moves close to me, in a low voice boast I today very the man helped her block many wine, be an and so on of good little brother. The sweet smell that there is one to if if not have,have,be planted on her hair, let me can’t restrain eventually, taking the advantage of a tipsy feeling, one pulls her in the bosom, lower his head to kiss her, she pushs me desperately but did not push, next my mouth of two arrives one case with respect to the kiss, at that time I two quivering, because,I am excited, she should be was gone to by Jing, perhaps be not to want to alarm her mother-in-law, her revolt is not very acuteness, also did not cry, slowly the mouth of her lock is stretched slowly, our tongue begins to be pestered together. I extend the hand in her dress to lying between bust bodice to touch her breast, she also acquiesced, my experience is scant at that time nevertheless, too cross武汉桑拿夜网AD rash advance, ground of urgent growl growl extends the hand in her waist of trousers, want to push her to arrive on sofa at the same time. This falls as if to let her wine wake thoroughly, she is by the side of my ear very sturdy said ” not ” , flounced off me to stand. I still want what to say, she says in a low voice, we issue a building to go. Then I followed her to lock up the door to go to with respect to ignorant ground go downstairs. Left a floor we go slowly in the village, had drawn near at that time in the middle of the night, it is cold wintry night, also not be afraid of so be stayed in together the colleague of this village sees. This goes even if be close to two hours, I two chatted a lot of, I am mixed besides the apology at that time say I like her, also do not know to say what is good, she still helps me look for reason absolve, say my wine is drunk much and so on. She says I am young have an outlook, can find good girl in the future, culture of her it doesn’t matter, also do not plan to betray oneself family, so good for everybody henceforth, can maintain a distance with me appropriately, but everybody or friend. She still says she lives to compare difficulty really now, very painstaking, but plan to wait for her husband retired be transferred to civilian work to come back intently, saying to saying her to be unable to bear or endure cried. I say I like her from class of the first sky, although I did not keep back,the circumstance lets a thing become such, but let her know I like her at least, also do not have too much regret so, nevertheless I will continue very hard to become her little brother henceforth. I do not do the manner estimation that also does not do with respect to the friend into the lover this kind to make her very helpless also, I am too actually young at that time pure be without place to know to the woman, the married woman with an idea very conservative all through the ages, made the man besides a husband close hold in the arms felt, have very big good opinion for certain to him, if be now I, affirmative meeting stays very happily in the gray region between lover and friend, pursue slowly. I am complete at that time nevertheless defect feels medium in the sort of ineffable defeat, major while is behaved very silently, see she cries to also do not know how help sb to get over his worries, wintry n武汉养生放水推荐2020ight is next colder and colder, this saying word also says it seems that, I two came home severally. The Spring Festival has a holiday after that I returned time of old home, after coming back to go to work, more than elder sister also did not invite me to cross her again. She still can call my little brother chronically, I am basic nevertheless not quite response. Again later, I encounter a girl on party of a fellow-townsman, (here has another paragraph of story, write later) , I can try to walk out of this paragraph of feeling that does not have a result eventually. Have second in the village, xiaoyu elder sister encounters I and the cummer at that time to buy food together, she returns blame later I said to the girlfriend also does not tell her. It is after that, I two still can have a meal together now and then midday, but mere also that’s what it all adds up to. Later once, i, more than elder sister, sit together to eat lunch with an aunt of unit office, more than sister says her husband wants be transferred to civilian work to reach a place immediately, be anxious at present how to search accept an unit, I just know, soldier of be transferred to civilian work searchs receive an unit, because their age is older, culture level is general not tall, its difficulty is complete no less than college graduate apply for a job. That aunt says office king vice director is fast retired, our information center serves as a government organization, each respect returns welfare remuneration pretty good, the work is steady also, ask more than elder sister is what inactive activity, run her husband to our unit, strive for replace office vice director this lucrative post, more than sister says embarrassedly to stare at on the person scarcely of this position is little, difficulty is affirmative very big. That aunt saw me, turned to say a few with more than elder sister with local dialect. Actually I can understand this dialect one part, because my mother is native, it is I can’t well say only, it is to say mandarin so, so work in the same placing think I am understood not. That aunt says, this person loves Director Wu money, your collect sends 100 thousand pieces to him (a few years 10 this is a lot of money) . Xiaoyu sister says, do not take in the home give so much money. That aunt says obscurely, your where day searchs in the evening look for Laowu to say well, beg beg for leniency, useful perhaps. I listen to an aunt immediately that implicit meaning in the word. I feel small to more than elder sister loves his husband and family so, affirmation won’t take this route. I visited Xiaoyu elder sister secretly, see she sends arris over only, what didn’t that aunt laugh say again. Next a few days, I use time going to work to took a risk to make dot motion on the table computer of Laowu office, laowu uses notebook computer at ordinary times, that table machine is unused in the corner, basic it is me when writing draft to write a report, use. I open the MSN of computer rise, the program that makes Hide It with conceals MSN, shut the power source of monitor again next. If Laowu武汉狼盟武汉夜生活网 is not careful,look so, won’t know me to be able to pass the QuickCam on MSN and his office computer on computer room computerPhotograph like the head, see him in the office video. Actually I think of this method early, feel the possibility that is discovered is a bit large always nevertheless, did not put into practice all the time so. Of course, what off-the-peg trojan program can control others computer to go up is photograph now like the head, a lot of more convenient, await in those days nevertheless. After technical measure perch, after I come off work everyday, entered basically in the unit crouch defend mode, the office of Xiaoyu elder sister is in another floor, and I inconvenience is staring at him, I am staring at head office. Before Director Wu still resembles in that way, want to did not come home in the evening only, be in the office for certain fiddle, besides that fixed lover, have second I still see he produced an unit a female colleague, I will look for an opportunity to draw up henceforth. Nevertheless, xiaoyu elder sister had not sought Chairman Wu all the time. Soon, I and personnel of a few technologies go to subordinate county making an item, the project ends before today, director Wu comes down to prepare to do a project to check and accept together the following day with local leader from city, his full-time driver is opening his Ao Di to take him at that time, did not think of he also brought Xiaoyu elder sister. I feel to be surprised a bit at that time, because she is member of our project team far from. Nevertheless Xiaoyu elder sister does finance affairs, the project ended to come over ending, also be fair and reasonable. That evening they 3 people are stayed to the entertainment guesthouse with prefectural special government by arrangement, we personnel of a few technologies had lived inside this guesthouse a many week. After 3 their people came Laowu, laowu is stayed in next door me by arrangement, xiaoyu sister lives in another floor, I do not know they are specific at that time where to stay in, laowu estimation also does not decide where we stay in, won’t happen otherwise next thing. Eat dinner together with the person of the county that recieves us, I am to answer a room to rest of course, the project made so much day really special tired, xiaoyu elder sister has a meal moment sits on the side of the director, with my whole journey almost 0 communication, so I also feel bored. I sleep to fast midnight mistily in the room, hear next door have the voice that open the door, next somebody enters a room, begin to have next clang clang underwater acoustic, should be somebody in shower, the sound insulation of this hotel room is exceedingly poor, of shower underwater acoustic it is the sort of plangent effect almost. Crossed, underwater acoustic stopped, hear one male one female talking, they are using this locality dialect, specific say what listens not quite clear, nevertheless I listen come out male is Director Wu, female acoustical signal to noise ratio is lesser I did not listen from beginning to end who is going out. Had not known how long, I am slept lightly again again, lying between a wall to begin to transmit a clash that has rhythm, it is the bang that the sort of headboard hits wall, I drowsiness was done not have basically at that time, I think, director Wu also dare find a young lady unexpectedly in the guesthouse of governmental directly under room, this kind of bravery includes a day, I do not lie on the bed, jump down, open the door of almirah. I lived a few days here, be made a noise to wake a few times in night so I know where mechanism is. The almirah of my this room and the room of adjoining L武汉夜网生活aowu is back-to-back the sort of, there is a wall among, have a board only, almirah door, the activity next door immediately big an amount class, the bang bang bang that bumps even two individual bodies listens very clearly, this word still does not have an invention to come out at that time is. In continuous poop, the groan sound that Laowu’s whoop is jumbly woman depressed painstakingly, still have even if the sort of ropy underwater acoustic, become aware

atmosphere is special other excessive noes at that time, had been one column props up a day inside my crotch. Spent a period of time, groan halt of the woman, her mouth said, sound probably seeming is ” do not shoot inside ” (also may be I am subjective of course) , I feel suddenly this sound very resembling is Xiaoyu elder sister, but I have a kind of whole body immediately from the beginning cool the feeling to the foot, of course I also tell myself all the time, next door that should be grouse, xiaoyu elder sister won’t do this kind of thing. I stick ear on the wooden partition of almirah, want to listen a few more clearly, nevertheless the clash next door has stopped, talking sound also is sedulous depress, almost inaudible. I crouch in almirah, thinking so etc going down to appear is not method, hear the voice that the door next door opens, I run from almirah immediately, bend over to be gone to from cat eye after him door the past views in corridor, the woman that is seeing a bingle wears skirt of gray business suit is small head quickstep from me go by before the door, instantly I feel the heart leaks jumped to be patted, because she is Xiaoyu elder sister clearly. Do not have Mian overnight namely of course next, although I am not the what person of Xiaoyu elder sister, both neither is the husband also not be male friend, I had had a cummer that talking at that time even, but in the heart the sort of painful to at that time 20 me what come forward, had never tasted. I get on do official business according to official principle besides the job after wherefrom, do not have the contact with intimate what basically with Xiaoyu elder sister. Main reason is Xiaoyu elder sister knows I have cummer, do not disturb us so, , to us the unit became office vice director after the marital be transferred to civilian work that another reason is more than elder sister, their husband and wife two it is in the unit, I have a meal to feel not quite appropriate midday repeatedly with more than elder sister. I also do not know as it happens how to face her at that time, so so complete alienation. Occasionally I encounter her in corridor, brief make a call, I can feel she is happier than before many. Day so spent a few months, until one day, laowu is arrested by the police from the home in the middle of the night, saying is embezzlement, the still has an unit financial head that is arrested together, namely the one’s direct superior of Xiaoyu elder sister. Next because I am Laowu’s trusted follower, be elbowed out by newcome director make things hard for sb, had signed up to me originally the study of the member that go to the United States attending systems analysis, the last moment was taken sb’s place my quota of people. Next a lot of projects do not have my portion, myself is staying afflictive, resign from the unit, was out of job in the home a few months, went next foreign enterprise, passed a few years to go abroad with respect to immigrant. Since leave an unit, I cross more than elder sister without good-bye all the time, do not know she still is written down do not remember me. Hope she everything is good. Grading records this note recentlyAdjoining LaowangGold coin+ 100Wonderful article hopes good-bye brother blows hard2018-7-13 13:39Adjoining LaowangFormer achieve+ 1Wonderful article hopes good-bye brother blows hard2018-7-13 13:39Adjoining LaowangContribute+ 2Wonderful article hopes good-bye brother blows hard2018-7-13 13:39