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[achieve a hair formerly] female colleague went up secretly after annual meeting – dream elder sister武汉夜生活网HT – 1

[achieve a hair formerly] female colleague went up secretly after annual meeting – dream elder sister – 1It is the thing that produces after company annual meeting of 17 years probably, what everybody drank that day is very happy, one at ordinary times when very forthright female colleague will propose a toast, should be to drink much, whole bosom stuck my arm closely, because oneself have bit of ripe female complex 24 years old, reaction had below me at a draught. The introduction lays this female fellow worker here, dream elder sister. Probably 35 years old or so, posture has the feeling of bit of foreigner, framework is big, plus 178 of the left and right sides big tall, plumper, do not show fat, because husband is in abroad deal, mix with respect to her in the home so her daughter lives together. such, my endure with all one’s might is worn drank wine, rather others discovers I am enraged forcedly, I sat down to eat bit of meat hastily, and dream elder sister proposes a toast every武汉新茶网址where, can drink at ordinary times 2, the person of 3 bottles of red wine, when think武汉夜生活桑拿论坛网ing of empty after the show, all meet like that go flat wine is mad, do not agree to came home to be drunk again very long. The meeting after listening to them to say dream elder sister is malty sleeps very to death, how does other people make also wake not to come, do not be at ease she. Because my home leaves dream sister home closer,also did not drink plus me too much, everybody lets me sent dream elder sister to come home first. Good help her up not easily on taxi, I also did not think take advantage of an opportunity sits in back row together more, signed up for an address with the driver, set out. Dream elder sister sits beside side is groggy, I look at the dim light of night outside the window, wanting to be able to send rapidly come home to go. Abrupt driver a very sharp left turn, dream elder sister and I am gone to right dump, did not think of dream elder sister was in at a draught on my leg, frightened me to jump, visited eye dream elder sister next, see next drivers again, discover him and did not discover the issue of back row. I am right now fine scrutiny elder sister issueing a dream, she wears the dust coat of the cream-colored of the move, there is Wei Yi of gray crossing genu inside, black silk socks is lapping her slender leg ministry. The extensive on the face is worn blush, bit of soporous sound comes out from time to time in the mouth. Begin to rise forcedly again below me slowly, lying between trousers to come up against the facial ministry of dream elder sister, I dare be moved not quite at that time, want to be enjoyed well at that time, can feel the heat that to her oral cavity transmits. I saw a driver he still absorption drive, staring at ministry of face of dream elder sister at the same time next, at the same time left hand puts ministry of costal region of dream elder sister slowly, shaking gently let her rise, be about to arrive home in. Like that she still did not come home I, dead still deathtrap is pressed in my leg ministry. I was increased shake strength, discovery is same still. Right now I appear suddenly an idea, she can early drunk dizzy past. I am bold move the hand toward her bosom slowly, what my heart beats is splitting, the feeling can hear he gets palpitant reputation. One bumps, my hand captures her at a draught whole bosom, from outside feel the feeling also has C cover cup the least, hold gently, soft. Of gallinaceous chicken excitement tremble, I saw road discovery be about. Of p reaper called next her names, decided or be asleep. Helped her up slowly rise, let her sit sit, the head relied on to be on my shoulder. Think this is over? Of course won’t, color is born from bravery edge, wanting is fear after the event reallyCuddle of left hand of my take advantage of an opportunity crosses her waist, because her dress is Wei Yi crossing genu, lift very easily, the right hand puts her right hand on my leg stealthily, standing by my chicken. Left hand is touching her ham, experiencing black lacy silk is slippery cheerful. The likelihood is to daydream, her right hand swings suddenly let me think she wakes. Next I slowly extend left hand to her hip, because of the account that taking, can feel only a bit, still can experience her buttock channel however, with her plump old end. Right now fast also before dawn 1, at

2 o’clock, did not have a car a little while to arrive home, paid a car cash. Build her the shoulder in me to go up single-handed, skill cuddle is worn waist, slowly the home goes downstairs, transmit slight snore from her mouth from time to time. As a result of piece too big, my back of 180 is worn she also ate a bit, good arrived not easily downstair, discovery should take her home key, I use a hand intentionally to hold her bosom, ask her which the key puts, of course she still did not answer me. My search her dress pocket, discover only the mobile phone does not have the key, should be to be put in the bag. Discovery opens a bag not quite eas武汉夜网品茶DCily, I help her up my ahead, a foot to Gong Zi is done before her model, such I am worn with cuddle only she, do not be afraid of her trip, also can take the key. Can experience the tactility that sits on my leg to her plump buttock, but I am afraid that transient person sees, a very fast still key found the door to go up. Her home is to stay in 8, or not attic, because her village is older, have light of a few automatic inductions bad, corridor appears particularly black. This gave birth to me to have bold idea again, still let her be in front, two legs part slightly, next I slowly unlock slide fastener, make me small the little brother comes out to breathe freely fully, within an inch of should be crushed. I am holding her in the arms from the back, put down gently of 2 handle gently is on her bosom, gallinaceous chicken from the back closely coxal, carrying slowly only at the same time with two feet her foot moves up slowly successively, resemble crab a bit like. [use only originally 3, time of 4 minutes, it is so beautiful that I am stupefied that piece 10 minutes of ability are excellent doorway. ]The comparison that drinks because of dream elder sister is drunk, I let her tilt forth slightly, the hand experiences the softness that to her bosom brings completely, and gallinaceous chicken is comfortable all the more on her Hei Sifeng buttock. Each stair, let I and she sufficient lay a finger on, a bit sound also does not have village corridor, hear the voice that my little walks slowly only, return remnant a few when, club of my general flesh adjusts next seat designedly, put her between 2 legs, enjoying intimate contact. She is used to suddenly in me when snore, give out ” hum ~~ ” , my body lived with respect to deadlocked, next the head forth explore, discover her or be asleep, so she was to be asleep to also have a feeling, really 30 be like a wolf, 40 be like a tiger, husband is in abroad for a long time, cannot get moist, came suddenly now, also do not block in sleep. I am sticking gallinaceous chicken again coxal, want to be in corridor in case what she cries is too loud bad also, arrived so at the door her home. Right now I let her carry recumbent door on the back, in faint moon, see her complexion is very red, knowing is wine gas or what reason, because bosom rises and fall volt since breath, I kiss her lip slowly, can experience the alcoholic drink that transmits to enrage, extend a tongue carefully to give the tongue that licks her, still do not have ten seconds she is given out suddenly ” ah ~ vomit ” , the likelihood is breath the move that be blocked up by me is uncomfortable, I loosened at once mouth, discover she alleviated come down, so recumbent still. Took the door of her home, I did not open the lamp directly, be afraid that sitting room lantern show gives her daughter wake, move her stealthily herself gets a bedroom. At the moment, my gallinaceous chicken is outer all the time. I helped dream elder sister take off coat, pulled a shoe next. Lie low is on the bed, I turned on her berth lamp, key became low the light, can observe the bearing of dream elder sister carefully now. Her bosom is very big really, even still is with hill apophysis, plump talent however sign in advantage, besides a bit little stomach, should drink with respect to wine. I sit in side of body of dream elder sister, let her a hand is touching my flesh club, will pull on her dress, the breast with huge leakage, careful will black silk is slow come down, till ankle is in, what original dream elder sister wears today is black bust bodice, with briefs of black bud silk, those who look is sexy all the more. When taking off her briefs, water be soiled was stained with above discovery, looking true is coquettish be no good. I dare not take off her completely, be afraid of a little while wear rise pattern is different. I shake slowly use a body, let her hand help my Lu. Next low first, licking her tit at the same time, move a finger her briefs at the same time. She still is the day of day of a gleam of unexpectedly, his husband is too wasteful also, so good wife, still must go to abroad. Right now, dream elder sister can be given out from time to time ” hum ” ” ah ” sound, grate my sense ceaselessly. And can feel water is increasing apparently below her, the tit stood excitedly to rise. I had a body, bestride is on her face, careful chafe fleshy club on mouth of dream elder sister, can brush go in, experience the softness of her tongue, unplug the belt when coming out gives saliva of a silk. Next I climb her body, suck the minor acupuncture point that licking her. Have a coquettish energy of life, but excessive water is short of a lot of. I insert fleshy marvellous little into her minor acupuncture point slowly, she seemed to feel ” ah ah ” sound is hit a bit, because her minor acupuncture point is too wet, adding do not have sexual love for a long time. Go in very easily, but the meat that wrapped me closely however is good. My excitement is urgent, probably slowly smoke insert 3 minutes to also be done not have a few times, honest not dare the movement is too big, wanted to shoot with respect to the feeling, close busy unplugged come out, shoot was in on her belly. By the side of the mouth that puts gallinaceous chicken in her again next, wipe gently. After I clear clean hastily, help her had worn the dress again, informal briefs also is wiped clean a little. A few with respect to remnant mouth is seminal now, I arrived cup water lets dream elder sister rise drink, nevertheless she reacts at all, can water flowed in the mouth, I help her brush again wipe. When be being faced, I kiss dream elder sister again incidentally, who called her to give me so comfortable enjoyment, extend entered a tongue. She resembled having reaction unexpectedly, tongue and I am interactive rise, nevertheless also 10 come S, those who replace is her snore. Still thinking on road coming home, she has awaked after all, can be the person drunk so drunkly really. Go to work the following day, I return a company downheartedly, because slept 1.2 hours only, already excited in fear and trembling. When seeing dream elder sister, did not think of her unexpectedly alight, “XX [my name] , thank you to sent elder sister to come home yesterday, gave you incommode ” ” should, live so close, should ” ” I am malty yesterday not fie-fie ” ” not, not ” , next a day, when dream elder sister is talking about yesterday natural span of life to meet with guests of company old woman, seeming is the thing after retaining malty wine completely. 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