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[achieve a hair formerly] the first time sexua武汉养生放水推荐2020l love after be being caught with carry on a clandestine love affair of wife’s younger sister, hainan swims 5 days became N day to swim

[achieve a hair formerly] the first time sexual love after be being caught with carry on a clandestine love affair of wife’s younger sister, hainan swims 5 d武汉桑拿夜网ays became N day to swimBefore seeing me, the person of the article knows, in the wife’s younger sister that I got on me below good luck coincidence, maintain the amour that half an year controls, stop finally with wife discovery, caused the disastrous effect of breaking up one’s family. Since then I cannot recover after a setback, drink, insomnia, anguish is accompanying me. Fortunately the advise of each eldest brother in forum, in the time that increases I saw what be interested in all forum, after bringing about thing of honest it doesn’t matter to work, happen to encountered us the candy bender of this provincial capital, very should much person knows, scale is very large, company just right lacks a person, I cancelled long holiday, returned working station afresh. The success that puts down candy bender did not say, our company finished the boss’ very satisfactory exam paper really, so that the company is OK in November,alternate rests the holiday of a week in order to compensate October before bender of one everybody candy prepare for war. I grew a holiday to rest please between original October first phase, this list won’t have me. But the blessing that hold in the palm and heads a concern, I still was gone to by arrangement of October end rest a class is medium. And after my cousin knew I divorce, persuade me actively to go out to play, helped me sign up for the viatic group of a Hainan forcibly. (I concern with cousin very good, cry with this local dialect, cousin cousin, hold force stretch. Eat and drink actually go whoring bets me two pass together really. )After some day of gather, the wife that cousin is taking her and I am in the airport bout, discover to there still is an original poster that is him in the team that set out, (saying is the original poster actually village owner management is met, a building chooses a person to come out) . Look to know the aunt that is a south, t武汉品茶 he age probably 40-50 left and right sides, because make up not to look,see actual age, , be less than a meter 6, all over the body is light green cheongsam, a pair thick following small leather shoes, what there still is a circle on the hand is small shake fan, be in and other with her the person of about the same age is chatting a few. Look to have temperament very much, but I am not ripe female accuse to was not gone to so that respect thinks. Arrived after Hainan, just a little rested to fall, who to greet to think the torrential rain that be less than, one fall even if 4 days ah the friend that ~ does not know to Hainan is had in forum, in Hainan is true these days, wind is big also, rain is cold also. Living the following day when, travel agent may feel right everybody is very owing, a cocktail party was organized in additionally one by the hotel building that welcome guest, saying is bender, be in actually namely more than 20 people in ate a group of the journey in small auditorium to pause meal, asked a few charmer, do the emcee of atmosphere with a few. The result is really right nevertheless, in emcee fool be troubled by below, everybody drank many wine, what ladies drink is local wine. And elder sister of original poster L is in with us same table. Wine full meal is full, after to one’s heart’s content laughs, everybody returns respective abode severally, just went out to greet guest building, head on air cooling whiff, have old elder brother of bits a few ages are old, did not walk along road of a few paces to helping the tree in flower bed up to spit. After returning a public house, the floor that lives because of us is different, some elevator odd number stop, some 武汉夜网狼盟sz027even numbers stop, search respective elevator severally so, and I went up with L elder sister by chance same wear elevator, different is she lives 22, I live 23B (actual namely 24) . Arrived 22 when she walks out of elevator to turned round to make a call with me, when the door has not been shut, she twisted head sideways trip to be on carpet, at that time I walk out of elevator naturally, helped her up rise. Elder sister of the L after uprear comes insists to say he does not have a thing, look at the footstep of her stagger, I am to be at ease really no less than, all the time hand support sb with one’s hand is worn the room that she takes to her, to her the card that use a room is brushed after opening the door. With her individual, one when look at Qiang of her Liang stagger arrives was in on the bed, slept, and I did not go out, just want to take bottle of water to be put on ark of her the head of a bed. What see as a result is the buttock of the heavy full figure on edge of her side lie in bed, the virescent piece now cheongsam with the faint also silk of root ministry bud of the incarnadine silk hose that has qualitative feeling extremely opens forked end. There is water cup on my hand, do not know to be stupefied in that how long, true, a lot of things thought of in this moment brain, thought of to go up secretly for the first time wife’s younger sister, if,thought of my QJ L elder sister can have what kind of consequence, had not known how long, also may be 1 minute, also may be 5 minutes, when I put water cup on ark of the head of a bed, another handle gently lifted the one part of the cheongsam gently. What wear inside L elder sister is to reach its common pure cotton briefs, but the bargain that the filar socks on the leg is not ten the sort of money absolutely, listening to the wheeze with L stable elder sister, the fade of my to walk gingerly issued the briefs at the back of her buttock, before a chrysanthemum that knits closely appears in me. Of chrysanthemum all round a few long piquant and brawny pubic hair, again downward, the pussy fold of light color of a pink wears those who appear in me at the moment. I am caught from May the woman had never been encountered after evil, my JJ is already hard at that time if iron and steel is general, what emerge in my head at that time is the life that my Bei urges, world-weary psychology lets me more dash ahead without thinking one’s safety. The hand is grasping the disclose with straightforward reinforcing steel bar to Babylon source. As me the movement is increased, l elder sister also slept lightly come over, what she keeps is regressive, and the holds her single-handed arm that I exert all his strength, hugged single-handed additionally her hind neck, in struggling process, the movement becomes instead sit like avalokitesvara a bit lotus. And she catchs my hair ceaselessly, flinch with fingernail I, pat me with hand, what what I hope is she does not have yawp. And my both hands exerts all his strength surrounding her lumbar emphatic squashs to my chest, do not let JJ be broken away from from inside her body, next she begins to bite me, when I am driven beyond forbearance really, the hand stalls the buttock of heavy full figure. Stood suddenly. The double closefisted that there am me after sound exclamations handholded closely my the upper arm, the likelihood is to be afraid that I throw her. Next I am standing, hold her ham root ministry in arms from her back. Began to control the most violent impact up and down, and the steel tooth that she bites me also lost strength gradually. As me the most violent concussion falls, she is buried in my wind the head of grave move also gave out the chirp ~~ with very heavy nasal and I know at that time her climax. Still not I of eject get on lie low of her upper part of the body in the bed, I stand in the position of bed foot, two hands grabbed her ankle, the two side of across that are put in my head (this is me al武汉桑拿夜网DSone door stunt, because the sexual life not very of I and daughter-in-law is harmonious, it is to rely on to wash bath to abreact at ordinary times, and the girls that wash bath often very loose, did not know when to comprehend this one action then, let a girl lie into 90 degrees, next across is worn double foot, the hole below will be close fact is not little, at the same time the pleasure of two people can increase many) . Go all out as me those who do one’s best again assault, it is finally in the climax of L elder sister, erupted to come out. Slip as what leave a body piece, and the genuflect of my all-overish was in on the floor, the upper part of the body lies in L elder sister to be gone to by my fade on lumbar cheongsam, at that time a pair of handle gently touch the head in me gently to go up. I know I am betted again was opposite. What Zhang Ailing says is right, the passageway that leads to feminine spirit is the vagina. After that day, the L elder sister of I essence experience is exuberant and flavor of climax of first time savor, be in stormy covering in, began those who do not have sunset night to study the work. This also knew a lot of unbeknown secrets among them. L elder sister is carry on starts a person, husband is big she is 6 years old, have red background, married us next SD, the earliest husband is cadre of secondary division level, rose duty to reach some city as time deputy mayor, director XX, members of standing committee of municipal Party committee. After the desire in influence respect opens the man, the woman is a dispensable article nevertheless. Be worth in L elder sister in those days when, his husband often all night makes a report, read survey, be attended a meeting, perhaps organize attend a meeting. The thought that L elder sister regards older generation as is very conservative, identifying humanness to be born is such. And her husband does not go an accident, the likelihood inside 10 years can take provincial Party committee. But life does not have so even road, as some tiger flat, because her husband stands wrong the team also is investigated, but fortunately cautious and conscientious of these a few years, go up to the place really took many advantage, and not by dual regulation, just be moved to branch of some agriculture machinery to hold the position of sinecure, from after this cannot recover after a setback, it is spirit not merely, and join a body also cannot recover after a setback. 40 years old at that time L elder sister, from connect after 14 years average before sex also had been done not have again in January. Moved even the home average house from

courtyard of municipal Party committee, and his husband also is obsessed with went up calligraphy. Make love to be mixed really with conventional woman the youth is different, she does not have overmuch experience, also cross too much pose without experience, impression is the deepest is to have second it is avalokitesvara sits likewise lotus, I say you feel your buttock below, expert of L elder sister feels doubt to say, so much water, whose ah? I say you ah, do you know why? She one face day asks me really, why. The light tone side the earlobe that there is her武汉桑拿夜网VD by the side of me is by the side of her ear say, because ~ is ~ your ~ coquettish. Say this one word, l elder sister actually shakily reached a climax. After coming back from Hainan, do not know why cutout of L elder sister my small letter, and I also not dare of brazenly go looking for him, after all her husband still is a cadre of deputy bureau class, and his son still is in special the industry that be very popular becomes a leader, want to give off piece of photograph to look to everybody originally, but think small still order is important, do not know to still can see L elder sister later, good be afraid of as time elapse, this paragraph of good memory will be dejected at brain, draw up coming is to give everybody look so, 2 it is to give oneself to stay read aloud want. Attach I the title page ~ that in one’s childhood my father writes on albumLeft yesterday, do prospective accept as a souvenir also. Full text eventually. Full text eventually.. This card is final by Emzhiji at 2020-11-6 10:11 editor1 editorGrading records this note recentlyXinataGold coin+ 1Wonderful reply adds cent to encourage2020-11-6 21:47XinataFormer achieve+ 1Wonderful reply adds cent to encourage2020-11-6 21:47XinataContribute+ 1Wonderful reply adds cent to encourage2020-11-6 21:47