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[achieve a hair formerly] CHAPTER IV my lawyer loverBreak more have period of time, carry recently do not rise any interest that write a thing, have all the time in ramble forum, but it is unwritten motivationBasically sufferred the effect that selects an issue recently, also knowing good to return is bad, to now neither one final conclusion, of course this thing is avocation, advocate still be more successful above course of studyPreamble reviewingCHAPTER IHttp:///bbs/thread-8817930-1-2.htmlCHAPTER IIHttp:///bbs/viewthread.php? Tid=8822468CHAPTER IIIHttp:///bbs/viewthread.php? Tid=8832140The story is to happen in me 9 years, specific where forgot one year a bit, still be together with the cummer during the university at that time. Youth often is to be being accompanied move restlessly hormonally, since after there was friend of fixed artillery piece during the university, my privacy becomes mix a bit theory, should take care of at the same time card cummer, want at the same time and prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan friend is maintaining uninterrupted connection, the company that works at that time also has two ambiguous boy or girl friendsOf course, all schoolgirls that contact with

me know I have card cummer, I at that time hold out broken bits, holding in the arms do not defy carefree not actively the manner is maintaining connection with each schoolgirlsStrong finish school comes out to work, income is good still also, 06-07 or so years, there is 6-7k when a month is much, little word 3-4k. Youth, there is bit of money to want to explore sealed world on the body, nocturnal inn. Right, this story happens in nocturnal inn namely, the development during also launchs around nocturnal inn. I at that time have a kind of crazy insanity to nocturnal inn, during the university by rich after 2 acting friends take the nocturnal shop that has been to different place a few times, resembling demon same, do not go 9 times every week all over uncomfortable. There is not small letter at that time, have QQ only, just began to go nocturnal inn when go with a few more amused friends namely, a flock of bonze, drank dot wine to be seduced everywhere, time grew discovery, this is not long-term plan ah. The BBS of a this locality discovers when getting online some, above related to nocturnal inn board piece have often send activity of a few similar multitudinous, male A300, such female A100 activity. Show up wine water is drunk casually, every activity is restricted 10 male, 10 female, to at that time nocturnal inn consumption level is general below not tall state, thousands of money, group advocate already money earns. After watching these newses, added with QQ group advocate, receive group of expect informations next, primary activity is in weekly Zhou Yizhou 4 in the evening, occasionally Zhou San can add. But the rate that sign up cannot say unhappy. Often the weekly statistic signing up that weekday sends in the evening, can be not grabbed to half hours smooth. I and my friend were to wait for 1 many months to just grab two quota of people hard. Welcomed an opportunity eventually, two card that t武汉夜生活网WShe spot compares independen武汉桑拿夜网VDce relatively namely, scale of actual men and women is in probably 6: 4 the left and right sides, the schoolgirl is a player, professional player, schoolboy more be just enter nocturnal store environment first elder brother. Carried a good place to take a seat, just began to not be familiar with, the schoolboy sits at the same time, the schoolgirl sits at the same time, group advocate chair begin ceremony, lift together cup, develop with respect to freedom next. Probably flow is such, my friend sought person of a target in the evening that day, so, I was become auxiliary, during all sorts of hitting cooperate, the schoolgirl enrols cannot sustain a bit. Of course the schoolgirl is not abstain from eating meal, we two old men also were to drink many, couldn’t help really, went up closet, sum up experience first, decide strategy again, go back again battle. When closet comes out just meet unexpectedly that schoolgirl calls outside, listen to means she also has good opinion quite to my friend, but fear to have bit of what state, the friend that comes along with her has turned with other schoolboy, let her another friend come over to play together. This her friend is the article is female advoc027武汉夜生活网ate, one biddy introduces first here advocate appearanceShort hair, height 174cm, weight 55kg (just know later) , the figure slants thin, single-edged eyelid, have bit of red phoenix eye, dress suit jacket and business suit trousers are when coming over that day. Later development our appellation female advocate for small quickVery fast, we formed the situation of 2v2, what hit so is bureau of handgun of spear bureau Vs, grow spear now to spear, match each other in strength. This kind of state lasted fast a hour, my friend and her target has been pestered together, my He Xiaomin is inspected, what everybody drinks is a bit much, do not want to continued to drink again, my collect puts forward to go out to the side of her ear go, waited for them to end to eat a late food together again. We take the door outside, still maintain武汉夜生活网论坛027ing certain distance, the edge walks along an edge to chat, weather is hotter at that time, tone is free inside not bad, arrived outside very frowsty, small quick doffed suit jacket, I am received come over to be being taken, whiff waves, the flavour of perfume, very pleasant. The perfume that just knows she likes later calls Anna Sue, the perfume that a young woman student just likes, from now on the flavour that I remembered her. With her the edge walks along an edge to chat, talked about a lot of chaos the thing of 78 chamfer, those who talk about me is daily, talk about her fun. Slowly walk along Jiang Bian, blowing Jiang Feng, we are silent, she is abrupt turn aside says to me, “Do you have a girlfriend? “Do you have a girlfriend?? I said against one’s will, “Not ” ” hum ” ” I just parted company ” she is facing my smile ground to saying, that momently I sank intoThe phone rang, my friend and her friend cannot find us, say that bureau ended, group advocate eat a late food please, ask we do not go. I and she is inspected laugh, answered, otherwise we 4 people go eating, she is smiling before me a thumb since vertical stroke. The first time that this is I and her encounters, what to produce. Begin the following day, we begin frequent short message communication, she just studies qualificatory evidence of the lawyer, still be in exercitation phase, become in project of a real-estate now legal assistant. The project is very far from the urban district, probably 40-50km, everyday regular bus commutes. I go to work in downtown, commuting everyday is to sit building cling to, it is the bus of the village, faster than the bus. There was two drowses bug on the car that commutes from now on, much two are holding two youths that mobile phone insanity types in both hands. Crossed a week left and right sides, my friend calls for made an appointment with the schoolgirl in the evening went that day nocturnal inn, ask I do not go, that schoolgirl has about small quick, but small quick say to do not have empty, I do not want to become bulb, did not plan to go. A person lives that him moment, the house is to just was bought before long, very big, 140 much square, at ordinary times myself lives, go back oneself cook, have a meal, clear away clear away get online in the room. Much at 10 o’clock in the evening, small quick hair incoming letter ceases, “I and they are together twice, seductively dressed or made up newly, come? ” I did not think of completely why she can go, I also do not have there’s still time to think more, changed the dress to take a car, still hate to part with at that time take a taxi, the floor that still takes cling to stand to the subway, go by subwayAll the way all the time He Xiaomin is sending a short message, equipment also signs up for with the girlfriend during, the girlfriend goes up even at that time all night class, say friend birthday, sat in the past. Giving the subway is nocturnal inn doorway, I am low head is gone to inside go, abrupt somebody is pulling me, it is small quick, she wore move or the dress that just came off work that day, just trousers changed sh武汉夜网论坛DFort skirt, put on filar socks, still make the same score bottom shoe. Tell the truth, she such dress is in nocturnal inn is solid also belong to additional kind, I had asked why she wears such coming over, her means ” did not plan next coming here at all, did not take the dress to go to work, dress is being installed, her friend comes off work in her later hard bubble of the use soft tactics on the road lets her come over to accompany “Good, look last the scene also is about the same. Those road still is after taking a seat. Fast at 12 o’clock when my friend and her friend does not know where to go to, remain my He Xiaomin, we are sitting side by side, sit closer more, clingy each other, double eye falls to inspecting, very naturally arrived one case in person. What we kiss is very oblivious of oneself, did not understand the person all round and issue completely, even them two came back, we also do not know, her friend said sentence ” you are close enough do not have, the feeling that takes no account of spot audience? ” we just part, hold out apart feel embarrassed, bit of meaning still has not been used upTime is about the same, take out a package, they two go hotel, we are worn to inspecting, “Go to my home? ” ” good ah ” get on a car, go straight towards my home continuouslyWe are in on the road the back row of the taxi kisses very oblivious of oneselfly, she rectifies midway individual bestride is on my ham, still be the flavour of Anna Sue, I am touching her double leg with the hand, filar socks quality is quite good. Felt her private parts, discovering whole silk socks is wet, the ham that water has shed is. Very exaggerative, without the least bit and false composition. After arriving home, ground of our too impatient to wait rolled a bed, the dress is done not have, I am already hard washed-up, have in the home at that time set those who cover, use with my girlfriend, over there the girlfriend know exactly about sth, fear a problem, dare not useMy gruffly tears apart her filar socks, poke her briefs, holding out the little little brother of the very hard, entered her body at a draught, she all over one shake, hit a few continuously again then cold quiver, her climax, I just went in she with respect to the climax. Those who remain is successive bang bang, the temperature inside her body is very high, warm warm, very wet, so that my Mao Dou was stained with her excessive water, her cry is very depressing, resembling is depressive touchdown hum chant, compare difficult appearance. Have a place as a result of drunk wine much, add young, physical strength is good, the war lasted 40 minutes or so in the evening that day, specific time forgot, she trembles once again among. The departure after the end bathes, bare on the bed photograph is embraced and Mian. [Hide] the following day we rest, those who rise is a bit late, I am blown to wake with mouth by her, when awaking, see she is in the quilt, see one on one go to the fields is moving the quilt only, little brother transmits delight of by fits and starts, she knows I woke, I continue to install however sleep, continue to enjoy, although this kind of pay arrived to also had not tried a few times now ah. Estimation is her mouth acid, she also is not installed, drove my little little brother directly, rise hey oneself on my body, I spoke she ” so self-conscious ah ” her what also did not say, continue to be being moved, below or so around keeps seeking her sensitive site on, rectify individual deadlocked very quickly to wear, resembling is convulsive and general, a warm current comes out belowI am impolite also, when she bends over to go up in my body, I am holding her buttock in the arms, mad output, two postures were changed during, traditional still finally appreciate shot my elite, go up in her abdomen, I can not want to produce human life. Small quick bosom can say to be done not have basically, most A, tit special pink is tender, two small, there is flesh of go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married between the waist, grow a leg greatly, wear high-heeled shoes least 180cm, wear rarely so, basic it is flat bottom shoe. Was that day in the home we besides have a meal even if make love, did have 5 times, just go out to have a meal in the evening, stroll in the village with her, still accompany her to bought socks of two pairs of silk, when what she asks me color is good-looking, I showed color to confuse confused smile, she understood. This is her most the place that attracts me, a lot of things need not quite bright say, she special know me, an eyes knows a lot of moment what do I want. I and her development is rapid later, contact of time short message is very frequent by day, often also mix in the evening inn of night of her pass in and out, shifty coming home. Most of course moment is the time that choice cummer goes to work. The BBS that preamble mentions, small quick also have Zhang number above, she wrote to have a thing with the place that happens between me, included rife detail, very much her idea, also have guess to mine at that time. I let be touched very much when this thing begins, later slowly, felt pressure, discovering her is going straight towards conjugal purpose and me to interact, at that time I chose cold treatment, intended alienation and desolate her. One of these day cummer comes over in the hair on QQ at that time the link of BBS article, when my head bangs, a blank, cummer still knew this thing finally, final final result is I redeemed cummer, parted with her, hurt her heart thoroughly. The thing has not ended to here, departure hind spent 2 months about, class of some the world saw her downstairs in my company, still cover business suit then, still be that short skirt, still be the filar socks of that color, she said at that time ” I am homeless “I come home her belt again, we chatted on the bed in the evening a lot of, those who chat is very fine, talked about each other recently the heart road course of two monthsChatting to talking about me to be asleep, in the middle of the night, feel little brother a warmth, the means that she is familiar with with us again woke up me, greet a shifty. The following day I send her to the station to take a car to go to work, I go to work by subway, we each other deleted all connection means, broke connection, had not encountered again to now. Quite acid is to now, her full name still does not know in my memory, small even quick when I write an article, this name just also is taken temporarily. Wish you are well! 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